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Type C Conduit Straight Sections

Type C conduit is a version of PVC electrical conduit utilized for direct burial installations of telephone cables. It is designed to comply with the CAO 8546 specification. Primus Cable supplies type C straight conduit manufactured for superior durability and ease of installation.

The Type C Straight Conduit measures 10 feet in length with a diameter of 4 inches. This type C straight conduit section is smooth inside to facilitate easy wire pulling. It is corrosion resistant, and a cost effective measure of protecting telco cabling. This type C straight conduit has coupling molded into one side, and pieces can be fused together with PVC cement to form appropriate length required.

This type of PVC pipe can be cut by handsaw or power saw in the field without the use of expensive machinery. It is manufactured to withstand long term exposure to galvanic soil conditions without lining wrapping, coating, or cathodic protection. Primus Cable’s type C conduit also offers superior dielectric strength.

When your telephone conduit run breaches the ground, please consider Primus Cable’s Schedule 80 Conduit for above ground applications. Above ground conduit requires thicker and more durable PVC pipe designed to resist physical damage and sunlight exposure. It is compatible with most existing conduits and fixtures. Thank you for visiting Primus Cable, we are your end-to-end provider of networking equipment and accessories. We supply everything you need to get the job done under budget and on time, every time.

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Type C Conduit, Straight Conduit, Belled End, 4” x 10’  Electrical Conduit, Electrical, Conduit, PVC, PVC Pipe, Straight Conduit, PVC Conduit, Type C, Belled End

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    Type C, Straight Conduit, Belled End Type C telephone conduit is PVC and used in the telecommunications industry for underground applications. Type C is smooth inside to facilitate easy wire pulling, corrosion resistant, and cost effective.