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#1 Source in low voltage wire and cable. Call us today to learn more about special offers.
#1 Source in low voltage wire and cable. Call us today to learn more about special offers.
RCA Connectors

RCA Connectors

Security Cable Connectors

RCA Connectors for Security Cables

Commonly used for professional audio networking, the RCA (Radio Corporation of America) coaxial connector is popular for legacy television connections. The yellow connector is for composite video, while white and red connectors are for audio. RCA coaxial connectors or A/V jacks are also used as power connectors, RF connectors, and to connect loudspeaker cables.

The RCA RG59 Universal Compression Connector has a nickel and brass construction that can withstand up to 65 pounds of pull out force. It is compatible with RG59 standard, quad, and tri-shielded cable. The 360 degree compression ring on this RCA coaxial connector reduces ingress/egress at the connector. The non-blind entry design allows installers to see the wire entering the pin at the base of the connector, allowing a secure connection every time.

Primus Cablealso supplies right angle RCA coaxial connectors like the RCA RG59 Nickel Right Angle Connector. The molded gasket provides a weather tight seal at cable entry. This RCA coaxial connector utilizes single crimp termination with a captive center contact design. Common applications for this connector include: home theater audio, residential structured wiring, and legacy television.

Got Tools? Primus Cablehas Coax Crimping Tools to get the job done.

Primus Cableoffers a wide variety of security products to upgrade your surveillance network. We have RG59 Siamese Coaxial Cable, Direct Burial. This 20 AWG diameter coax cable features a solid bare copper conductor surrounded by a 95% bare copper braid shield. It is ideal for CATV-MATV, CCTV, and radio frequency applications. This coax is particularly useful for security cameras, since one cable carries the data signal while the unshielded 18 AWG cable powers the unit.

Whatever your requirements are, Primus Cablehas the RCA connectors for you. Upgrade your CCTV installation today!

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