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Cable Extenders

Cable Extenders

Cable extenders provide a variety of options for customizing a high speed network. We provide a variety of USB extenders and HDMI cable extenders, as well as video baluns for extending coaxial cable signals.

A popular cable extender we offer is the HDMI Extender over 50 Meter (165Ft) Single CAT5E/6 Cable. This HDMI cable extender carries DVI/HDMI signals well beyond the distance of a standard HDMI or DVI cable. It can extend HD video and audio up to 165 feet over a single CAT 5E or CAT 6 cable. This cable extender is compliant with EDID, and provides auto adjustment, buffering, and signal equalization to sharpen 1080p resolution.

We also provide USB 2.0 extender cables like the USB 2.0 Active Repeater Extension Cable, A Male/A Female, Black - 15 Foot. This cable extender serves as a single port hub, where up to five cables can be cascaded to increase the distance between a computer and USB devices. Using this USB cable extender, the distance of a USB device can be lengthened up to 75 feet.

We also stock a variety of USB Cables to add versatility to your network. They come in A Male to A Female, A Male to A Male, and A Male to B Male USB 2.0 cables. The latest smartphones utilize micro USB cables to connect to personal computers.

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