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Cable Runway Support System

Cable runways secure networking cables in an out of the way, dry location to protect your data network. We provide cable runways and components to build a reliable support system for your network cables. CableWay™ cable runway support system components manufactured by Arlington are available for power and low voltage cable. We provide CableWay™ support trays, angled corner components, adapters, and support components to augment your cable runway.

The CableWay™ Cable Runway Support System Wire Tray 5 FT. Lengths form a time saving UL listed cable runway support system. These cable runway components are easy to install and work for both new construction and retrofit projects. They attach directly to framing members and work with wall mount and flat surface support brackets.

This cable runway support system holds networking cables securely in place, and you can open the bracket for easy cable insertion or trough installation. Primus Cableprovides all the components necessary to complete the cable support system with angled brackets and end caps.

The CableWay™ Angled Corner Wire Tray Component, Cable Runway Support System makes it easy for your cable runway system to bend around corners. No drilling through joists is required for installation. You can install additional trough sections as necessary and join them together with couplers.

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