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Data Cable Testers

PC Cable Testers

PC cable testers allow IT technicians the ability to map network cable runs and check connectivity with ease. Our selection of PC cable testers are for diagnosing a comprehensive range of PC connector types including: USB, 1394 Firewire cable, and Ethernet cable. The PC cable tester is designed to identify open circuits, short circuits, mis-wires, and pin connectivity issues.

A popular PC cable tester we offer is the PC Cable Tester, TEST-I Multi Function Cable Tester. It offers a comprehensive range of cable diagnostic capabilities. It shows pin to pin connectivity and can record up to 100 test results. This PC cable tester collects and saves data that can be uploaded to a PC via USB for analysis. The integrated LCD display is back lit, so the installer can easily verify pin wiring. This PC cable tester is commonly used on flat cables, and is an essential tool for the system integrator.

For the ultimate solution in voice, data, and video cable testing, we offer the Ethernet Cable Tester, Cable Prowler™ PRO Test Kit. This award winning Ethernet cable tester won CEPro Best of 2012, and combines continuity testing, mapping, length measurement, and a tone generator all into one unit. This cable tester is capable of identifying and mapping 19 locations all at one time. The PC cable tester test voice, data, and video cable.

We provide end-to-end solutions for cable networking. Make sure you come prepared with all the necessary Cable Tools to get the project done. We offer everything including: cable cutters, strippers, crimpers, caddies, tool kits, and testers.

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