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Tone and Probe Kits

Networking Tone and Probe Kits

Tone and probe network cable testers are used by network technicians to troubleshoot or identify potential problems in cable runs. Although some network cable testers can’t work with active LAN circuits, the tone and probe kit can verify both active and inactive cable runs. The tone and probe kit comes in handy when mapping IPs and determining how to configure devices on a network.

A popular tone and probe generator we offer is the Digital SmarTone Generator & SmartProbe Kit. This tone and probe kit uses advanced digital signal technology to trace and identify problems with speed and accuracy while avoiding false signals. The SmarTone tone and probe kit is also compatible with traditional analog tone generators.

We also stock a fine selection of tone and probe kits from Greenlee like the Network Cable Tester, Premium Tone & Probe Tracing Kit. This top of the line tone and probe kit can filter out noise created by light fixtures and power lines and has two distinct tone signatures. It is weather resistant and has a large speaker for working in noisy environments.

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