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Fire Alarm - FPLP Data Grade Shielded - Made In USA

American Made Shielded Data Grade Plenum FPLP Fire Alarm Cable

Fire alarm cable is rated to designate where it has been tested to be safely installed. The National Electric Code (NEC) defines the ratings of: FPLP, FPLR, and FPL fire alarm cable. FPLP is the designation for a power limited plenum fire alarm cable. These alarm cables can be installed in air ducts or plenums since it will minimize the spread of fire and toxic smoke.

What is FPLP Fire Alarm Cable?

We offer data grade shielded plenum fire alarm cable, made in the USA, which not only meets the standards for FPLP designation, but is also shielded for signal integrity. In addition, we stock Plenum Shielded Fire Alarm Cables for plenum rated installation.

Fire safety is of utmost importance and we stock a variety of data grade plenum rated fire alarm cables. When you have a commercial fire alarm system to install, these fire alarm wires are an excellent choice for environmental open airflow spaces. They can be wired for fire alarms, alarm monitoring, smoke detectors, fire alarm system, fire alarm pull station, smoke alarm, and fire alarm sound devices. The shielded plenum fire alarm cables meet UL test 1424 and NFPA 262 specifications. They are available in 12, 14, 16, and 18 AWG diameters and has two solid bare copper conductors. The conductors are insulated with a Fluoropolymer insulation.

Do You Have a Fire Alarm Cable Stripping Tool?

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