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Fire Alarm - FPLR Data Grade Shielded - Made In USA

American Made Shielded Data Grade Riser FPLR Fire Alarm Cable

For vertical installations of fire alarm cable, being run from floor to floor in multi-story buildings, the cable must meet fire safety standards for riser rated cable. The National Electric Code (NEC) rating designates where and how cable can be installed based on its ability to resist burning and the spread of fire and smoke. We provide shielded riser FPLR (Fire Power Limited Riser) fire alarm cable that is both riser rated and protects against EMI. This fire alarm wire is made in USA, so you can rest assured of dependable quality.

The FPLR fire alarm cable meets UL tests 1424 and 1666 for riser applications. It exhibits self-extinguishing characteristics and low toxin emissions, making them riser safe. The high quality Shielded Riser Fire Alarm Cable comes with 12/2 AWG Copper Conductors and is a perfect alarm cable for smoke detectors and other fire edetectors. When it comes to fire safety you want to buy the best quality fire alarm equipment.

This FPLR shielded cable is commonly utilized for fire alarm and smoke detector, as well as for fire alarm pull station, siren alarm, fire alarm control panel, and fire alarm monitoring. It has a voltage rating of 300 volts and is provided in 1,000 foot lengths on a spool. This shielded riser fire alarm cable is available in 12, 14, 16, and 18 AWG diameters.

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