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#1 Source in low voltage wire and cable. Call us today to learn more about special offers.
#1 Source in low voltage wire and cable. Call us today to learn more about special offers.

Free-Standing Enclosure Racks

Free Standing Server Cabinets

Server cabinets are an excellent means of providing both physical and environmental protection for your network equipment. We offer free standing server cabinets with either a vented or tempered glass door. We offer the LINIER® line of free standing server cabinets by Kendall Howard suitable for server storage, battery backups, and switching banks.

The Network Rack, Server Enclosures, Glass Front, Vented Rear Doors comes in 24” and 36” depth versions, ranging from 22U to 42U in size. This free standing server cabinet carries up to 800 pounds on casters, and up to 1,300 pounds on a stationary mount. It includes one locking tempered glass door and one locking vented door. The top of this server cabinet has two removable laser knockouts and removable locking side panels. Casters and levelers are preinstalled allowing for easy movement and setup of your server cabinet.

For a free standing server cabinet with vented doors, we supply the Network Rack, Server Enclosures, Convex Front, Vented Rear Doors. It is equipped with locking doors for security to prevent tampering and vandalism. The doors also promote excellent air circulation keeping network equipment cool. This server cabinet is extremely versatile, with its removable side panels, cable access panels, and adjustable rails.

We also provide rail kits for server cabinets like the, Network Rack, Server Cabinet Rail Kits, Vertical, and 10-32 Tapped. These tapped rail kits can replace the cage nut style rails that are included with the LINIER® Server Cabinets for installers who prefer a tapped rail mounting solution. They are fully adjustable, and the kit includes two 10-32 rails.

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