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#1 Source in low voltage wire and cable. Call us today to learn more about special offers.

Grounding Bushing, Insulated, Zinc Metallic, Die Cast, 1 1/2" - EoL

SKU: CD3-6016-BSH
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Grounding Bushing, Insulated Zinc Metallic

Our Insulated Zinc Metallic 1 1/2" Conduit Grounding Bushing is applicable for terminating threaded rigid or IMC Conduit applications. This product is suitable for indoor or outdoor use and includes a flame retardant plastic liner that prevents damage to the conduit.

Product Quality

To ensure our Grounding Bushings provide you with a sufficiently conductive bond, our product is compatible with copper or aluminum bare ground wire.

Durability & Strength

Our Grounding Bushings are Zinc coated, providing you with a corrosion resistant coating. Our Metallic Grounding Bushing with Insulation includes, an aluminum lug to terminate conduit.

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  • Terminates Rigid Conduit and IMC Conduit runs into boxes or enclosures.
  • Provides protection to conduit tubing
  • Lug provided for bonding jumper to a neutral bus bar
  • Plastic Liner is rated flame retardant to 105™C
  • UL listed for use with copper or aluminum grounding conductor
  • Zinc Coating



    Size Grounding Lug Wire Size
    1/2" 14 Min. - 4 Max.

    About Ground Bonding

    About Ground Bonding

    "Bonding" is a method by which all electrically conductive materials and metallic surfaces of equipment and structures, not normally intended to be energized, are effectively interconnected together via a low impedance conductive means and path in order to avoid any appreciable potential difference between any separate points. The common way to effectively bond different metallic surfaces of enclosures, electrical equipment, pipes, tubes or structures together is with a copper conductor, rated lugs and appropriate bolts, fasteners or screws. Other bonding means between different metallic parts and pieces might employ brackets, clamps, exothermic bonds or welds to make effective connections.

    Additional Information

    Conduit Accessories

    Installing or retrofitting an electrical conduit system? We got you covered! We offer everything you need for a customized electrical conduit system including conduit, and fittings. Our conduit and fittings are engineered for commercial and residential power, lighting, telephone, and electrical systems.

    What's in the box?

    What's in the box?

    • Qty 1 - 1 1/2" Insulated Zinc Metallic Grounding Bushing