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HDMI/DVI Extenders via CAT5E / CAT6 / CAT6A

HDMI Over Ethernet Extenders

CAT 5/6/6A Ethernet cable is another medium for transmitting your high definition television signal. The HDMI over Ethernet extender expands the reach of audio/video signals beyond the limit of HDMI cables.

The HDMI Extender over 50 Meter (165Ft) Single CAT6/6A Cable extends high definition audio and video signals up to 165 feet or 50 meters. This HDMI over Ethernet extender offers auto-adjustment, buffering and signal equalization for crystal clear 1080p resolution. This type of HDMI over Ethernet extender is commonly used to run a peripheral device like a Blu-ray player or set top box from a separate room than the home theater.

Another option we provide is the HDMI over CAT5 Video Extender w/ Power Supply. Its ideal for sending home theater signals over larger distances. This HDMI over Ethernet extender transmits HDMI signals up to 60 meters. It uses CAT5E or CAT6 Ethernet cables with RJ45 connectors for easy set up. The multi-color LED display indicates signal status.

We also stock a variety of USB Cables to add versatility to your network. They come in A Male to A Female, A Male to A Male, and A Male to B Male USB 2.0 cables. The latest smartphones utilize micro USB cables to connect to personal computers.

Don’t be limited by the constraints of HDMI cables, upgrade your home theater with an HDMI over Ethernet extender today! Thank you for visiting our website.

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