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HDMI/DVI Extenders

HDMI Cable Extenders for Your Home Theater

Configuring your home theater network? We supply HDMI extenders to help you connect the television to your home theater network. Our HDMI extenders can expand the reach of your HDMI connection a distance of up to 115 feet or 35 meters. Don’t be limited by the length of your HDMI cables.

The HDMI Extender Repeater 115Ft (35 Meter) expands the reach of your network from the HDMI source such as a television or computer. It allows you to daisy chain up to two units, supporting DDWG standard over HDMI monitors. This HDMI extender also supports full HDMI audio and video. It is 1080p compatible and supports 3D video.

We also stock a variety of USB Cables to add versatility to your network. They come in A Male to A Female, A Male to A Male, and A Male to B Male USB 2.0 cables. The latest smartphones utilize micro USB cables to connect to personal computers.

Improve the flexibility of your network with an HDMI extender today! Our customer service team is eager to assist you with finding what you need. Thank you for visiting our website.

If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call or email us.