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Link Tester

Port Finders and Link Testers

A link tester is a device used to verify the status of Ethernet LAN connections to troubleshoot network problems. The port finder helps locate the corresponding port location on the switch or hub. Be sure to get dependable networking diagnostic tools, so you can identify and resolve problems without it costing additional time and money.

The LANID - Pro Link Tester with Port Finder is designed for network administrators to quickly identify problems during LAN troubleshooting and repair. This port finder displays the status of network devices, and whether it is running on a 10BASE-T or 100BASE-T network. The LANID Pro port finder has the same features as the LANID and also has the port finder function. This unit is also very convenient due to its ease of use and portability.

Another popular network diagnostic tool is the Power Over Ethernet Status Finder. This network cable tester makes it easy to identify the existence of power over Ethernet (PoE). This network cable tester lights up when PoE voltage is detected in a network after plugging it into the network. The device also identifies the power source simultaneously. This network cable tester includes both the jack and plug in its design, so no extra cable is required.

For a more advanced solution, the LANtest Pro - Network Cable Tester is just the option for working with Ethernet cables. The tone generator function can send a signal through your installed cables and probe can then trace the cable to locate the fault. This network cable tester includes one master unit and one remote unit easily operated by one person testing patch cords or installed cables. The small remote unit of the network cable tester is designed to slip into the master unit to prevent loss or damage.

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