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RGB Connectors

Mini RGB Coax Connectors for Your Audio/Video Network System

Mini coax connectors are coaxial connectors used with component and composite audio and video cables 23-25 AWG in diameter. We offer a wide selection of BNC, F-Type, and RCA RGB mini coax connectors. With almost twenty years in the industry, we carry the highest quality RGB coax connectors.

All of our RGB coax connectors are compression style connectors, so make sure you have a compression crimp tool. Our Coax Compression Tool is a must have for the CATV installer. With a rotating connector positioner allowing you to switch between RG11/7 and RG59/6 without adjustments required.

We also carry the SealSmart™ Coaxial Cable Strippers for preparing coax for installation. This tool is color coded to match the appropriate compression connectors, making this tool very efficient and easy to use. We are your one stop shop for coaxial networking products.

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