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Multiple Conductor 600V PLTC/Water Block/Sunlight Resistant CL3/FPL Rated

American Made Multiple Pair Water/UV Resistant Direct Burial CM/CL3 Rated

Multi conductor cable is the ideal solution for low voltage, power limited control circuits. This category of American made communication cable is coated in polyvinylchloride jacketing that is both water blocking and sunlight resistant. This American made communication cable adheres to NEC articles 725 and 760. We offer multi conductor communication cable in diameters ranging from 12 AWG to 18 AWG.

The Waterblock Communication Cable 12/2, 7 Strand Shielded has stranded bare copper conductors in a UV resistant jacket.

It has aluminum polyester foil shielding with drain wire, and also has sequential footage markings for easy installation. This communication cable is RoHS compliant and is either UL listed or ETL verified. The shielding makes this multi conductor cable ideal for installation in areas with significant electromagnetic interference (EMI).

Make sure you come prepared to your cabling installation job. Having the right tools can make a difference between a successful install to a job well done and under budget. We carry cable cutters like the Coax and Data Cable Cutter.

The rugged drop forged construction of this cable cutter makes it durable, and deliver consistent results. The corrosion resistant chrome vanadium steel protects the cable cutter in inclement weather. The dual elliptical cutting blades are precision ground to provide low effort cutting, without damaging the cable dielectric. This cable cutter is suitable for cutting shielded and unshielded twisted pair cables, and coax cable.

We also provide excellent wire stripping tools like the Cyclops 2 Cable Jacket Stripper. This cable stripper takes the guesswork out of removing cable jackets from twisted pair, single core, multicore, and fiber optic cables. The cable stripper automatically self-adjusts to the size of the cable being stripped. It is easy to use right out of the package, adding to the efficiency of any cable installation.

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