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OTDR and Fault Locators

Test Your Fiber with OTDR Tester

Optical time domain reflector (OTDR) fiber testers can be used for estimating the length of a fiber run and overall attenuation, including splice and mated-connector losses. OTDR testers are also commonly used to identify faults such as breaks and measure optical return loss. These devices also have intricate computing abilities and a graphic display.

When utilizing an OTDR tester, it is advised to test fiber from both ends and average the results to provide the most accurate findings. Failure of a run of fiber optic cable can be extremely expensive, so fiber is tested using OTDR testers at multiple stages from manufacture to installation. Test results are usually stored in the event of later failure or warranty claims.

For single mode fiber testing, we offer the OWLTrek OTDR Singlemode 1310nm. This OTDR tester boasts an unbeatable combination of a pocket-sized form factor, a 2.8” high-resolution color LCD display, and some of the most competitive pricing in the industry. It automatically locates events and places them in an internal event table.

Live mode allows users to expand OTDR display onto a larger laptop screen. It has full horizontal and vertical pan/zoom functions. A USB interface facilitates the download of stored readings. The rechargeable Lithium polymer battery allows up to 20 hours of normal usage.

For a comprehensive fiber testing solution, we also supply the OWLTrek OTDR Quad Kit - Singlemode and Multimode OTDRs. This OTDR tester set yields several advantages over using a single quad wave OTDR. Most installers have to use two simultaneously working crews installing fiber to be profitable. Most fiber installs don’t involve both single and multimode being installed at once.

This allows for one team to use the single mode OTDR tester while the other uses the multimode tester. It has user selectable parameters such as index of refraction test mode, pulse width, and averaging. This OTDR tester automatically locates events and stores them in an event table. It also has an easy to read 2.8” color LCD display which automatically rotates based on the orientation of the device.

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