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RG6 Coaxial Jumper Cable

RG6 Coaxial Jumper Cables

RG6 coax jumper cables provide an easy connection for setting up televisions, satellite televisions, security cameras, and a variety of audio/video connections. Our RG6 Jumper Cable, Gold Plated Brass comes pre-terminated with screw on gold plated brass F connectors. These RG6 jumper cables have a 70 ohm impedance for home theater A/V connections.

We stock RG6 jumper cables in lengths ranging from 6 feet to up to 100 feet. They also have a durable black polyvinyl chloride jacket. We also provide RG6 jumper cables with nickel plated brass connectors as well.

We are your industry leading provider of networking products and accessories. For larger projects requiring a run of audio/video cable, we stock RG6 Coaxial Cable for multiple purposes. We have coaxial cable available in both indoor and outdoor jackets for CCTV and CATV. Our RG6 coaxial cable is available in bulk quantities of 500 or 1,000 feet.

Make sure you come prepared to your next CCTV project with the tools to get the job done. We provide a superior selection of quality Coaxial Cable Tools including cutters, strippers, crimpers, and testers. Our tools are made of highly durable materials for long lasting usage delivering reliable results.

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