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#1 Source in low voltage wire and cable. Call us today to learn more about special offers.


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Tracer Tape

American Made Fiber Optic Tracer Pull Tape

A successful fiber optic installation begins with the application of fiber optic tracer tape. Using pull tape prevents friction damage to the fiber being installed, and also protects the installer. When fiber optic cable is installed, there is a tendency of cable under high tension to elongate and sometimes break. When cable snaps back, it can injure the installer.

Our pull tape has high tensile strength and is lubricated to prevent damage to the fiber, or to the installer. Silicone lubricant reduces the possibility of cable burn-through. The tracer tape is composed of high tensile, low shrink polyester fibers.

The pull tape has printed sequential footage markings for accurate measurements. This one pull tape does is easily used without strings, ropes, or winch line pulling. It is easily blown through conduit or air ducts.

Our pull tape is available in 1,250 pound, 1,800 pound, and 2,500 pound tensile strengths, and is priced by the foot. We also have pull tape with either one or two 22 AWG diameter locater wires. Our tracer tape is extrusion friendly, and can be either pre-inserted into the duct by the manufacturer, or blown into the duct at the job site.

We also provide a variety of fiber cable management solutions like D-rings and cable managers. Our Cable D-Rings provide a safe passageway along vertical and horizontal lines for fiber optic cable. This set of ten d-rings feature tool-less mounting, and can be rotated and configured to any particular routing strategy. Whole bundles of cable can be routed through a d-ring while allowing access to single cables for later maintenance.

Another popular cable management option when installing with fiber optic cable is the Vertical Slotted Duct Cable Manager. This seven foot finger duct cable manager provides vertical fiber cable management on the side of a network rack. The slotted ducts are designed to allow cables to be routed as necessary to patch panels, servers, or switches as required. Removable covers makes cable management easy and neat.

Thank you for considering us as your fiber optic tracer tape supplier.

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