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Wireless Solutions & Accessories

Wi-fi Finders and Wireless Accessories

The wifi finder is useful for locating wireless access points and determining signal strength. Having a wifi signal finder is beneficial when establishing or optimizing a wireless network. It helps identify wifi hotspots and signal strength at each one. We offer a wifi finder that identifies and evaluates SSID/channels, hotspots, and whether or not a hotspot is open or encrypted.

Our DigiwiFi Digital Wifi Detector with Beeper Function has a large LCD display that shows each site’s detailed information, and creates an audible tone when access points are found. This wifi finder sorts out wifi signals by signal strength when multiple APs are detected, and provides specific information about each network. The wifi finder is also compatible with IEEE 802.11b and 802.11g networks.

We provide a wide variety of LAN testing options besides the wifi finder. The Digital SmarTone Generator & SmartProbe Kit is a remarkable tone generator and revolutionary network troubleshooting tool. With advanced digital signal technology, this tone generator eliminates uncertainty when identifying tone signals. The tone signal is no longer confused with surrounding noise, making this tool easy to use while avoiding false diagnosis. This LAN tester is also compatible with traditional analog tone generator kits.

We are an end-to-end networking products provider for the cable installer and technician. We provide a varied selection of Cable Tool Kits and Accessories for multiple cabling applications. We have tool kits for working with coaxial, Ethernet, and fiber optic cable. Save both time and money by improving efficiency on your next project with a cable tool kit from our store.

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