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    Power Over Ethernet Detector

    This Power Over Ethernet Detector (PoE tester) can be used for PSE (power source equipment) and power supply status detection during PoE system or CCTV system installation. It can distinguish whether the PSE power supply is passive mode under the IEEE 802.3AF/AT/UPoE/BT standard or by non-standard Active mode. It can monitor the current PSE power supply status after connecting the other end to a PD (powered device) or to a PoEz PDS (powered device simulator).

    PoEz is designed with an OLED high resolution display for the user to view the receiving voltage, current and power of the PD. It's also able to distinguish the circuit polarity of PoE during PoE system installation or troubleshooting.

    Power Over Ethernet Detector

    • New battery-free operation technology
    • Monitor and troubleshoot the IEEE 802.3AF / 802.3AT(PoE+) / UPoE / 802.3BT Type 3(4PPoE) and 802.3BT Type 4 standard PoE system with PoEz PDS 256318/PDS
    • Compact and lightweight design
    • Monitoring the current PoE status with an easy to read display
    • Compatible with new IEEE 802.3BT Type 4 standard

    Application Environment

    Real-time monitoring the receiving voltage, current and power of PD by PoEz

    POE Detector

    Distinguished PSE status by PoEz

    POE Detector

    Long term PoE monitoring by PoEz

    POE Detector

    Power Over Ethernet Detector

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    What's in the Box?

    • 1x Power Over Ethernet Detector