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Plastic Base Spacers

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SKU: NPNB-6266040010
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Base Duct Spacers

Base Duct Spacers accurately separate ducts while locking them firmly together and mainly used at the ground floor of your application. Base spacers are used to give space under pipes to avoiding resting directly on the ground and keeps them in line. Our most popular sizes are offered with unique rebar holder slots for quick reinforcing bar installation and the bases have support holes for securing the base spacers to the trench bottom. Duct Spacers make alignment of duct banks easy by allowing more room to work. These spacers are also ideal for concrete burial applications providing plenty of room for concrete to settle around each individual pipe. Intermediate Spacers are available in multiple sizes and package quantities.


  • Provide a sturdy base for duct bank
  • Snap together vertically & horizontally
  • Designed for plastic duct only
  • Great for concrete applications
  • Unique rebar holding slots to increase support
  • Quick and easy installation
Item Number Size Weight Package Qty.
NPNB-6266020015 2 x 1 1/2 19.5 lbs 140
NPNB-6266020020 2 x 2 21.4 lbs 140
NPNB-6266020030 2 x 3 19.8 lbs 110
NPNB-6266030015 3 x 1 1/2 19.6 lbs 110
NPNB-6266030020 3 x 2 18.9 lbs 100
NPNB-6266030030 3 x 3 14.8 lbs 70
NPNB-6266040010 4 x 1 15.3 lbs 80
NPNB-6266040015 4 x 1 1/2 15.8 lbs 80
NPNB-6266040020 4 x 2 14.7 lbs 70
NPNB-6266040030 4 x 3 14 lbs 60
NPNB-6266050015 5 x 1 1/2 13.1 lbs 60
NPNB-6266050020 5 x 2 14.6 lbs 60
NPNB-6266050030 5 x 3 13 lbs 50
NPNB-6266060015 6 x 1 1/2 12.7 lbs 50
NPNB-6266060020 6 x 2 14 lbs 50
NPNB-6266060030 6 x 3 13.3 lbs 45

Conduit Accessories

Installing or retrofitting an electrical conduit system? We got you covered! We offer everything you need for a customized electrical conduit system including PVC pipe, conduit, and fittings. Our PVC pipe and fittings are engineered for commercial and residential power, lighting, telephone, and electrical systems.

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