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Absence Of Water Detector - Self Powered/2.5 Minute Sample Rate/C Form Relay Output

by GRI
SKU: NPNB-2808
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Absence Of Water Detector - Self Powered/2.5 Minute Sample Rate/C Form Relay Output

This Absence of Water Sensor is a totally new innovative design that helps monitor the level of water and other non flammable liquids. It is submersible, fully self-contained and responds reliably to the absence of or the presence of water. It fits a multitude of applications in a wide range of environmental landscapes. The C-form relay gives the installer greater flexibility for triggering wireless and hardwired communication devices.

This Absence of Water Detector is targeted for monitoring a fluid level height. This submersible sensor can safely and reliably sense and respond to the absence of or presence of a non-volatile liquid in a wide range of environmental conditions.

This Series of Water Detectors are microprocessor controlled devices that produce an AC Signal between two stainless steel probes. Depending on the conductivity measured between the two probes, a set of internal relay contacts will be latched in an open or closed position.

Sensor life span is optimized by periodically sampling for liquid at set timed intervals. Conductivity sampling between the two probes once every 2.5 minutes are used in this Standard Self Powered Water Detector allowing for a 4-year expectancy.


  • Microprocessor Controlled
  • Senses The Lack Of Or Presence Of Any Non-Volatile Liquid
  • Submersible and Fully Self Contained
  • Powered by 5 Year Lithium Battery
  • Standard Sample Rate is Once Every 2.5 Minutes
  • Form C Relay
  • 12” Cable
  • Made In U.S.A.

Technical Specs:

Operating Temperature (™ C)   70 to -40  
Nominal Switching Capacity (A @ Volts DC)   2 @ 30
Maximum Switching Power (W)   60  
Maximum Switching Voltage (VDC)   220  
Maximum Switching Current (A)   2  


  • 1 x Water Detector