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Coax Tool Kit, SealSmart Field Installation w/Gold Plated Connectors

SKU: TL6-4909
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SealSmart Field Installation Coax Tool Kit, Gold Plated Connectors

You won't leave home without it! These kits include everything required for coaxial cable installations for CATV, Home Theater, Security & more. Kit includes a cable stripper, universal compression crimping tool, 120 SealSmart waterproof compression connectors and instruction sheets, packaged in a rugged, high impact plastic case. Color graphic insert assists in identifying, sorting and re-stocking all components.


  • SealSmart Compression Crimping Tool
  • Universal Coaxial Cable Stripper
  • Contains RG59 and RG6 Coax Connectors for CCTV
  • Packed in a Rugged, High Impact Plastic Case
  • Color Graphic Inserts Included for Identification, Sorting, and Storage of Components
  • Total of 120 SealSmart Coax Connectors

What's In The Box

  • Qty 20 - SealSmart gold connectors for RG59, RG6 & RG6 Quad cable
  • Qty 10 - BNC SealSmart gold connectors for RG59, RG6 & RG6 Quad cable
  • Qty 10 - RCA SealSmart gold connectors RG59, RG6 & RG6 Quad cable
  • Qty 1 - SealSmart Compression Crimp Tool and Universal Coaxial Cable Stripper.
  • Qty 1 - Set of laminated instruction sheets
  • Qty 1 - 9" X 14.5" compartmentalized plastic case