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DB15HD Male/Female Port Saver

SKU: AV5-4516-15MF
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DB15 HD VGA/SVGA Male/Female Port Saver

DB15 Port Savers help prevent damage to VGA/SVGA port connectors on your equipment caused by repeated plugging and unplugging of connecting cables and adapters. They can also be used as in-line couplers to connect two VGA/SVGA Monitor Cables together, eliminating the need for purchasing longer cables to extend the range of your DB15 peripherals. It has nut connectors on one end and screw connectors on the other for securing it to panel and line connectors.

Although listed under Gender Changers, this 15-pin DE-15 (HD-15) adapter is actually a port saver/in-line coupler for DE-15 (HD-15) VGA/SVGA connections.