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Glass Break Sensor, Addressable Digital Sound Analysis Detector

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Digital Glassbreak Detector, Addressable Microprocessor-Based Sensor

Addressable Glassbreak Detector is an ideal addition or start-up to a well-equipped security system providing a home owner or a business owner the safety from burglars. If you currently have a security system that needs a bit of updating, this glassbreak detector offers an advanced microprocessor-based glassbreak sensor, high-level static and transient protection, 2-wire connection to a control panel, and the ability to detect the differences of sound. Whether the layer of your glass is plate, float, tempered, wired, or laminated, the digital sound analysis (DSA) is there to ensure the response you demand with detection up to 25 ft. (7.6 meters) away.

In a world with security remaining a concern, this detector benefits in numerous situations. Ease, comfort, and convenience can be a great bonus knowing you have the right security assets guarding your boundaries.

Digital Glassbreak Detector, Addressable Microprocessor-Based Sensor

  • Based on the Acuity™ hardwire glassbreak detector
  • Detects all types of breaking glass: plate, float, laminated, wired, and tempered
  • Can be tested using the glassbreak simulator (AFT-100)
  • Built-in tamper switch
  • May be mounted on the opposite wall, adjacent wall, or on the ceiling over the prjected windows
  • AFT100 glass break tester and test mode jumper ensure reliable installation and response
  • High static and transient protection includes reliable MOV circuitry
  • Jumper selectable sensitivity range
  • Includes different types of frame construction, glass thickness, and room acoustics
  • Digital Signal Processing analyzes sound in remarkable detail to provide greater detection sensitvity to false alarms
  • Microphone frequency range provides excellent sound capture at low sound volumes
  • Distances up to 25 ft. (7.6 m)
  • 2 wire connection to control panel
  • Advanced Microprocessor-based glassbreak sensor
  • Omnidirection microphone