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Digital Acuity Glassbreak Sensor

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Digital Acuity Glassbreak Sensor

The Digital Acuity Glassbreak Sensor is an ideal addition or start-up to a well-equipped security system providing a home owner or a business owner the safety from burglars. If you currently have a security system that needs a bit of updating, this glassbreak detector is just the solution. With its advanced microprocessor-based glass break sensor, it has high RF immunity with SMD construction, high level static, and transient protection. This glassbreak sensor also has white noise rejection to prevent false positives. Its sensitivity range can be established with a jumper. In a world with security remaining a concern, this detector benefits in numerous situations. Ease, comfort, and convenience can be a great bonus knowing you have the right security assets guarding your boundaries.

Digital Acuity Glassbreak Detector

  • Advanced Microprocessor-Based Glassbreak Sensor
  • High-Level Static and Transient Protection
  • High RF Immunity With SMD Construction
  • White Noise Rejection Mechanism
  • Installer Test Mode for Glassbreak Sensor (AFT-100 Tester Required)
  • Alarm Memory (Latching LED) for Glassbreak Sensor
  • MOV Transient/Static Protection
  • Jumper Selectable Sensitivity Range
  • Form 'A' Alarm Contact

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