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INNO Instrument View 500 User Friendly Standard OTDR

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VIEW 500, User-Friendly Standard OTDR

The VIEW500 OTDR, which is used in the installation and maintenance of fiber optic cables, boasts accuracy-based test performance, fast response, and easy-to-use capacitive touch screen. Featuring industrial-grade CPUs, this smart device automatically generates reports to help you get accurate and fast test results.


VIEW 500, Provide the Best Measure Experience

  • SOLA (Smart Optical Link Analyzer)
  • 7” Touch Screen with Smart GUI
  • 8GB Internal Storage with Internal SD Card & External USB Memory
  • Built-In VFL, Light Source and OPM
  • Fast Booting Time
  • Ultra-High Capacity Battery


Model: VIEW500
Display: 7 inches, High Brightness TFT LCD, resolution of 800×480
Distance unit: m / km / mile / ft
Dynamic range: 35dB / 33dB (1310nm / 1550nm)
Range settings (km): 1.3, 2.5, 5, 10, 20, 40, 80, 120, 160, 360km
Range settings (mile): 0.81, 1.55, 3.11, 6.22, 12.4, 24.8, 49.6, 74.6, 99.4, 223.7mile
Pulse width: 5ns, 10ns, 20ns, 50ns, 100ns, 200ns, 500ns, 1μs, 2μs, 10μs, 20μs
Dead zone (Event/Attn./PON): 0.8m / 4m / 40m
Distance accuracy: ± (1m+Distance×2.5×10-5 +Sampling resolution)
Linearity: 0.03dB
Sampling points: 160,000 points
Refractive index: 1.000000 - 2.000000 (step: 0.000001)
Splitting ratio: Up to 1:64 splitter
Resolution: 0.04m ~ 10.24m
Loss readout resolution: 0.001dB
Battery capacity: Operating Time : Up to 12hours
File format: SOR, BMP, JPG, GDM, SOLA, PDF
External connection: USB 2.0
Compatible connector: APC(FC, SC, LC), UPC(FC, SC, LC, ST)
Power supply: AC Input 100-240V, 50-60Hz / DC Input 19V, 3.42A
VFL port: 2.5mm ferrule type
VFL wavelength: 650nm ±10nm
VFL distance: Up to 10km
VFL output power: 20mW
Light source: Operating wavelength: 1310nm / 1550 nm ±10nm
Light source output power: -5dBm
OPM port: SC, FC, ST
Wavelength calibration [OPM]: 850 / 1300 / 1310 / 1490 / 1550 / 1625 / 1650nm
Power range (OPM): -70 to +6dBm (Accuracy: 0.01dB)

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