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Magnasphere Miniature Recessed 3/8" Switch Set, 12" Standard Leads, 10/pack

by GRI
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Magnasphere Miniature "Shortie" Recessed 3/8" Switch Set With 12" Standard Leads (White)

The recessed "shortie" switch set is designed for applications where a 3/8" press to fit set is needed, but space limitations will not allow for a full length set to be installed. Just 5/8™ long, the installer is able to protect openings with the NPNB-MS20RS-12 that otherwise would have to be secured with more visible surface mount configurations.

Magnasphere™s ™ patented technology utilizes the principal of Spherical Magnetism. The heart of the switch is a magnetic sphere, or ball contact. This sphere is housed in a durable metal housing. Completing the switch is a seal that contains the contacting electrode, insulated from the magnetic perimeter by a time proven ceramic to metal bond. The case or seal provides the second contact point required to complete the electrical circuit. The seal/electrode cap is welded to the housing in an inert atmosphere providing a hermetically sealed contact.



  • Higher Level of Security
  • Spherical Magnetism
  • Resistant to Magnetic Tamper and Defeat
  • Recessed Magnetic contact, Press to Fit
  • Available in Closed
  • Standard 12" Leads
  • Standard Gap 3/8"
  • Hermetically Sealed
  • Color: White


Technical Specs: Closed Loop

Loop Type:   Closed  
Electrical Config:   N/O
Reed Form:   A  
Maximum Intitial Contact Resistance (Ω):   .400
Maximum Contact Rating (W):   5  
Maximum Switching Voltage (AC/DC):   250
Maximum Switching Current (A):   .180  
Standard Gap:   3/8"

Additional Information


In the normally open position, the magnetic sphere is attracted to the ferromagnetic portion of the seal cap, away from the electrode. Because of this attraction the switch may be positioned in any orientation and will remain open. When an actuator magnet approaches the switch from the end of the switch opposite the electrode, the magnetic ball is attracted to this field, and ™snaps™ to the bottom of the case, making contact with the electrode and case, closing the switch. Unlike a reed switch that responds to a magnet within a global activation zone, the Magnasphere™ switch responds to a magnet only within a restricted zone. A magnet outside the zone pulls the ball off the center electrode to open the switch.

PRINCIPLES OF SPHERICAL MAGNETISM: Finite element analysis shows magnetic flux paths of the Magnasphere™ magnetic ball contact. The spherical shape is not polarity sensitive and will be attracted to either pole of the actuating magnet

What's in the Box 

What's in the Box 

  • 10 - Magnasphere Miniature "Shortie" Recessed 3/8" Switch Set