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RDUP (RUS) PE-89 AL - 50 Pair, 22 AWG Filled Foam Skin Cable 5000' Black

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SKU: PE89-3903-50/22
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Solid, Annealed Copper, Size 22 AWG

Nomial Cable Data:

Pairs: 50
Size: 22 AWG
O.D. (Inches): 0.78
Weight (Lbs./MFT): 365
Standard Lenght (Feet): Non-hygroscopic dielectric tape applied longitudinally with an overlap.

Core Construction:

Conductors: Solid, annealed copper; sizes 19, 221 and 24 AWG
Insulation: Dual insulation consisting of an inner layer of foamed polyolefin surrounded by a solid polyolefin skin, color coded in accordance with telephone industry standards.
Twisted Pairs: Insulated conductors are twisted into pairs with varying lay lengths to minimize crosstalk.
Core Assembly: 25 pairs and less: pairs are assembled together in a single group. More than 25 pairs: pairs are arranged in groups, each group having a color coded unit binder.
Filling Compound: The entire core assembly in completely filled with ETPR compound, filling the interstices between the pairs and under the core tape.
Core Wrap: Non-hygroscopic dielectric tape applied longitudinally with an overlap.


Aluminum Shield: Corrugated, copolymer-coated, 0.008" aluminum tape applied longitudinally with an overlap. The sheath interfaces are flooded with an adhesive water-blocking compound.
Jacket: Black, linear low density polethylene.


Application(s): Inteded for duct and direct buried installations where protection against water and mositureentry is required and may also be installed aerially.
Compliance: Rural Development Utility Program (RDUP) 7CFR 1755.890 (RUS PE-89) RoHS Compliant (effective 1/1/10)
Packaging: Standard lengths are shipped on non-returnable wood reels. Non-standard packaging is available upon request.