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Wire & Cable Management Don't get buried. Building an effective cable management system is an important step in any professional installation. A wire and cable management system in place allows...
CAT6A Shielded Bulk Cable - C6AS-3085BL Our CAT6 10G shielded (FTP) type High performance data communications cable Has voice, data, video and security capabilities. Our Cat6A 10G Bulk Cable is...
Server Racks, Server Cabinets, and Enclosures At the center of your network is a Server Rack, Network Enclosure, and/or Equipment Cabinets. Here you will find all of your networking equipment such as...
Workstation Solutions With modular convenience built in, expanding, and modifying your installation hardware has never been easier. Primus Cable proudly offers a Workstation Solutions and...
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For any question call us at (951) 824-1571 or email us at support@primuscable.com Government Program DUNS: 808390459 CAGE/NCAGE: 640P7 Registered with the NSA Acquisition Center (ARC) Registered...
Primus Cable Catalogs Networking Catalog Audio/Video Catalog Fiber Catalog Primus Cable supplies low voltage Ethernet cable, fiber optic cable, and accessories to a customer base spanning the nation....
Patch Panel Overview: Patch panels help organize network cables, connectors and other components. Without patch panels in your network, those dreaded “spaghetti” wires quickly pile up,...
Telco The office telephone has come a long way. Long gone are the days of a singular rotary office phone. Whether you're routing 10, 20, 50, or more telephone lines through an office, Primus Cable...
CAT7 Cable Overview: Category 7 cable, or Class F cable is the cable standard for Ethernet and is the seventh generation of twisted pair cable. CAT7 cable is designed with stricter specifications for...
J Hooks Not only do our multi-purpose construction grade J-Hooks provide stress free cable support, but they also help you build a tidy distribution pathway for all of your cabling. With superior...
USB Cable Overview: The Universal Serial Bus or USB cable was developed around the idea that users should be able to run multiple peripherals on their computers without the hassle of physically...
Networking Overview: An Ethernet (a.k.a. data and computer) network is an electronic communications network that makes transmission, sharing, and reception of data, including email and other...
TV Wall Mount Overview With a TV wall mount, you want to get the best option that fits your home theater and home theater installation. It will make your football season better, your hockey season,...
Fiber Optic Patch Panels: Whatever your need, we have the ideal Fiber Optic Patch Panel for you. Our panels feature 12 to 24 ports and are available with either SC or ST connectors. We offer...

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D-Ring Cable Management Kit, 1U

Retail: $45.00
Price: $38.77
Availability: In Stock
Item #: RP-K12-3357-DMK -

    1U D-Ring Cable Management Kit The Kendall Howard 1U D-Ring Cable Management Kit gives installers and network technicians a flexible and functional cable management bracket that will easily manage all types of cables. With more than 40 different configurations, it is easy to manage cables vertically, horizontally, and diagonally. This cable management kit eliminates the need for dozens of other cable management brackets. Finally, there is a cable manager that can do it all. Includes five Steel...

    1U Metal Duct Cable Management and Cover

    Price: $13.07-$22.25
    Availability: In Stock
    Item #: PP4-RackDuct -

      Cable Management Slotted Duct The 1U Cable Management Duct can be utilized for 12, 16, & 24 Port Patch Panels that occupy 1U of Rack, Cabinet or Enclosure space. The 2U Cable Management Duct is designed for 48-port patch panels or any place where you need a easy and affordable 2U cable organization. Cable Management helps organize cables and prevent movement that could cause loose connections and poor data transmission in CAT5E, CAT6A, or Fiber Optic Data networks. The sturdy metal...

      Split D-Ring, Plastic

      Price: $1.66
      Availability: Min. Qty. Order
      Item #: DR-6817-P6 -

        Plastic Split D Ring, Cable Management Accessory This Plastic Split D-Ring from Dynacom allows installers to manage multiple cables, while keeping the cable bundle orderly and neat. Plastic Split D Rings also protect the conductor's insulation from becoming damaged. The smooth plastic surfaces allow for easy wire management as it can easily slip over the cable jackets. The Plastic Split D Ring contains two mounting holes per side and can be mounted several different ways depending on the...

        1U Finger Duct Cable Management - front

        Price: $15.66-$21.42
        Availability: In Stock
        Item #: PP4-SlottedDuct -

          1U Horizontal Finger Duct Cable Management This Finger Duct Style Cable Management Panel features 12 extra-large slotted ducts for optimum and easy to access Horizontal Cable Management on the front side of standard 19" Racks and Enclosures. Sturdy plastic construction offers quality while keeping costs down. 2U Horizontal Finger Duct Cable Management The 2U finger duct cable management unit features 24 slotted ducts designed to provide horizontal cable management on the front of a rack to...

          2U Metal Duct Cable Management

          Price: $28.84
          Availability: In Stock
          Item #: PP4-4461-2UDCM -

            2U Duct Cable Management Our 2U Horizontal Slotted Cable Management Duct provides a simple solution for fiber and copper cable organization and management. Available and mount on standard 19" TIA equipment racks with top, bottom or side cable entry. Unique spacers allow the duct to be used to its full capacity, while providing an efficient use of space. This is a Single Sided, 2U Slotted Duct Wire Manager with a metal cover.

            1U Finger Duct Cable Management, Double-sided

            Price: $22.84-$33.89
            Availability: In Stock
            Item #: PP4-SlottedDuBDuct -

              Horizontal Cable Management, Double Sided, Finger Duct The Double-Sided Finger Duct Cable Management panel, available in 1U and 2U, feature 24 extra-large slotted cable ducts on each side designed to provide horizontal cable management on the front and rear of the rack. Sturdy plastic construction ensures years of quality use in standard 19" Racks and Enclosures.

              Cable Routing & PDU Manager

              Price: $95.19
              Availability: In Stock
              Item #: RA-D18-4835-PDU -

                Vertical PDU/Cable Management Bracket The Axis Rack PDU/Cable Bracket features built-in provisions for the addition of Cable D-Rings or Velcro™ loops. These optional cable management products snap into place on the included rack rear PDU/cabling plate. You can create up to 3 separate vertical cable pathways on the left or right side of the rack. Both d-rings and loops rotate 360 degrees for custom cable routing. The PDU/Bracket installs to the racks horizontal unistrut and require 6.75"...

                5-Ring Low-Profile Cable Mgmt Panel, 1xEIA Unit 19"(W)x1.3/4"(H) (UL)

                Price: $8.99-$10.95
                Availability: In Stock
                Item #: PP4-5-RingPanel -

                  5-Ring Cable Management Panel This Cable Management Panel is perfect for 12, 16, 24, & 48-port Patch Panels or any application where you need a dependable 1U or 2U 5-Ring Cable Management solution. You can simply and easily adjust your 5-Rings without the use of tools making this panel an easy and inexpensive solution for horizontal network rack cable management. It's a great way to keep your cable organized and clean looking. This UL Listed Cable Management Panel is low-profile and fits in a...

                  1U D-Ring Side-Mount Cable Management - main

                  Price: $11.99
                  Availability: In Stock
                  Item #: PP4-3197-1U -

                    D-Ring Side-Mount Cable Management - 1U Organize your cables with this 1U D-Ring Side-Mount Cable Management system. It's great to use in or around server racks and enclosures and can be mounted to route cables vertically and horizontally. The Side Mount Cable Manager is also ideal for routing cables to patch panels up vertical racks. The Side-Mount is simple to install and easy to use at a very affordable price.

                    Training Table Cable Management Enclosure, 36"

                    Price: $116.31-$189.54
                    Availability: Call For Shipping
                    Item #: TT-33##-## -

                      Training Table Cable Management Enclosure The Training Table Lockable Cable Management enclosure encases and hides the surface and modesty panel cable entrance points, providing a clean, polished look. The Cable Management Enclosure also provides a cable lock point for computer security devices to be secured to, protecting community or public equipment. Multiple knock-outs provide easy cable routing down to the CPU or from desk to desk. The included fan pattern allows you to install an...

                       Cable Management Round Spool 1.5" Bend Radius Blue

                      Price: $2.49
                      Availability: In Stock
                      Item #: FB26-6137R -

                        Round Spool - 1.5" Bend Radius Round fiber management spool with a 1.5" bend radius. Blue, Plastic.


                        Retail: $83.80
                        Price: $56.36
                        Availability: In Stock
                        Item #: ICCMSCMA6# -

                          White Spiral Cable Zip Wrap

                          Price: $2.18-$4.99
                          Availability: In Stock
                          Item #: NPNB-2207## -

                            Spiral Zip Wrap, Length 1.5 m (4.92ft.) The Spiral Cable Zip Wrap is the most efficient way to organize and protect your wires and cables. With the Zip Wrap, you can consolidate multiple cables into one single neat solution and eliminate any potential accidents that can be caused by loose cables. It can be used to bundle up PC Cables from behind the desk and improve the overall appearance of your system. It not only protects cables from abrasion, but allows breakouts of single or multiple...

                            Adhesive Backed Cable Holders - 9 Pack Adhesive Backed Cable Holders, Cable Managment Accessories, Cable Managment, Cable Holders, Sticky Cable Holders, Wire holders, Wire Management, Pack of Cable Holders,

                            Retail: $19.00
                            Price: $16.37
                            Availability: In Stock
                            Item #: NPNB-0300-1-003-00 -

                              Adhesive Backed Cable Holders - 9 PackKeep cables and cords in place with the Adhesive Backed Cable Holders. These self-sticking, rounded holders have a “mouth” to hold cables in place and avoid being tangled with other cables. They are made of a soft plastic material to help prevent damage or wearing of the cables. Once the holder is put in place, it will be a permanent hold for your cables. The Adhesive Backed Cable Holders are suitable for cables within a Wall Mount Charging Station,...

                              2.5” (2 1/2") Plastic Snap-in Bushings Black

                              Price: $0.29
                              Availability: In Stock
                              Item #: CS4 -

                                Nail/Screw in Cable Standoff Mounts Vertical or Horizontal 1- 14/3 to 1- 10/3, 3- 14/2 W/G to 3- 10/3, Black: Positions cables at a safe distance from nailing surface. Provides a neat, organized cable installation, and prevents tangles. Positions non-metallic, flat or round sheathed cable, phone/data cable, and coaxial cable at a safe distance from nailing surface of furring strip or stud. Installs with a screw or nail (nail included). UL/CSA Listed. Cable Standoff Holds: One 14/3 to one 10/3...

                                Non-metallic ‘D’ Ring, Black

                                Price: $1.89-$2.87
                                Availability: In Stock
                                Item #: D## -

                                  Non-metallic ‘D’ Ring, Black: This non-metallic Non-conductive Smooth bearing surface D-Rings allow installers to manage multiple cables, while keeping the (cable) bundle orderly and neat. Non-conductive. Smooth bearing surfaces for easy wire management. Two mounting holes per side allow for several mounting methods. Protects conductor insulation against damage and features multiple size wiring space.

                                  Aluminum Vertical Cable Manager, Double Sided, Narrow, 84"x12.75"x3.65"

                                  Price: $368.77-$551.92
                                  Availability: In Stock
                                  Item #: RP-D12-####-VCM -

                                    Vertical Cable Manager Vertical Cable Managers from DAMAC provide structured vertical cable management and are very easy-to-use. These managers mount to the sides or between Two Post and Tandem Racks. They also promote a clean and organized cable system for patch cords and general cabling. The vertical cable channel includes snap-shut metal swing gates. The swing gates are set 12 inches apart for clear viewing and maintaining bend radius. There are molded plastic edge protectors along the...

                                    D-Ring Cable Manager, Rackable, Vertical Mounting

                                    Price: $61.54-$161.54
                                    Availability: In Stock
                                    Item #: RP-D12-####-DR -

                                      D-Ring Cable Manager, Cable Control Cable Control is a cost effective vertical cable management solution. Utilizing a patented wire-form design makes organizing and bundling of cables simple. The top and bottom are open for overhead or raised floor cable runs. The full length D-Ring channel is constructed of rolled steel promoting proper bend radius and a smooth protective surface. Cable Control attaches to the mounting rails surface via a universal mounting bracket and is finished in durable...

                                      Finger Duct Cable Manager, 1U & 2U, Single-Sided

                                      Price: $31.02-$38.77
                                      Availability: In Stock
                                      Item #: RP-K12-####-SS -

                                        Finger Duct Cable Manager Designed for easy installation, the 1U & 2U Finger Duct Cable Manager provides the structure you need to safely organize and protect your network cables. The narrow open design is ideal for routing cables between patch panels and switches. Steel construction and a 3" depth make this cable manager perfect for high density cable applications with lasting stability. For added protection and storage, a cover is included to enclose the cables and create a clean look for...

                                        Magnetic Cable Holders, Pipe

                                        Price: $1.95
                                        Availability: Min. Qty. Order
                                        Item #: NPNB-6242# -

                                          Magnetic Cable Holders, Pipe These Magnetic Cable Holders are ideal for running wires along metal pipes and beams. Mag Daddy's Cable Holders save on both time and money as a cable management solution. Installs quickly and easily without drilling, utilizing the power of rare earth magnets. This magnetic cable holder can hold up to 16 lbs. and rotate 360° making it simple to customize you runs. This product is re-usable and extremely easy to use. So make running cable easier by harnessing the...

                                          Patch Panel Lacing Bar, Flat Cable, 1U

                                          Price: $9.48-$13.78
                                          Availability: In Stock
                                          Item #: RP-K12-####-LBFC -

                                            Flat Cable Lacing Panel The Flat Cable Lacing Panel is a top choice for managing and routing cables to and from patch panels, switches or other networking devices. Designed with you in mind, this cable management panel was built to support and organize cables, providing easy access to connections without taking up much room in an already crowded area. Simply mount the panel above or below your networking device, secure cables to the numerous vertical and horizontal lacing slots with the help...

                                            2" The No-Hassle, Low-Cost THE LOOP™ Cable Hanger

                                            Price: $0.62-$5.11
                                            Availability: In Stock
                                            Item #: TL## -

                                              The No-Hassle, Low-Cost THE LOOP™ Cable Hanger Flexible and non-metallic, The LOOP® provides sturdy, reliable support of CAT 5, 6 or 7 – or fiber optic cable without sagging, bending or damaging the cable! The LOOP holds up to a 5" diameter bundle of cable. The LOOP® is Fast and easy to use and cost less than cable trays. It can be used on Single or multiple LOOP hangers mount in a variety of ways and rotate to any angle. Sizes/Cable Holding Capacity: 2" NPNB-TL20 holds a 2" bundle about 60...

                                              Rubber Adhesive Tie Mount 100pk Natrual & Black

                                              Price: $10.00-$11.89
                                              Availability: In Stock
                                              Item #: TM- -

                                                Rubber Adhesive Nylon Cable Tie Mount - Natural & Black These Rubber Adhesive Cable Tie Mounts are available in 2 sizes (0.74"/18.79mm & 0.99"/25.14mm) and are sold in packages of 100 pieces. They are designed to support light weight wire bundles when properly applied on any clean, smooth, grease-free surface. This cable tie mount saves cable tie cinching time with the patented stay-n-place tab that keeps the cable tie head from sliding down behind bundle during vertical applications and...

                                                Mini Magnetic Cable Tie Mount mini magnetic cable tie mount, mini cable tie mount, cable tie mount, Cable management, Magnetic Wire Management,

                                                Price: $1.03
                                                Availability: In Stock
                                                Item #: CT-1819-MM -

                                                  Mini Magnetic Cable Tie Mount The Mini Magnetic Cable Tie Mount is designed for harsh environmental conditions. Installs quickly, easily, and safely. They are also able to be used multiple times if necessary. It has a maximum strength of 9 pounds and can rotate 360 degrees.