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Fiber Optic LC Multimode Adapter Panels Made in the USA

American Made Fiber Optic LC Multimode Adapter Panels

Primus Cable’s fiber adapter panels are suitable for a wide range of networking applications for high speed networks. The LC adapter panel provides a secure access point for fiber optic cables to connect to a network. Our snap-in fiber adapter plates are built for long lasting durability. They are also quick to install with our line of fiber cabinets for plug and play usage.

These fiber adapter panels are named after the LC or Lucent Connectors that snap into the panel. LC connectors are typically used for high density connections for SFP modules and XFP transceivers.

The Fiber Adapter Plate, Multimode, 6 LC Duplex Couplers is an American made LC adapter panel. It comes loaded with six duplex multimode LC connectors, for a total of 12 ports. This LC adapter panel is compatible with our line of FB23 fiber patch panels and wall mount enclosures.

Primus Cable also stocks fiber patch panels to go with your fiber adapter plates. The Fiber Patch Panel, Swing-Out, 2 Panels/2 Splice Trays, 1U is a rack mount termination panel designed to support both patching and splicing in one unit. It has a swing out master panel for easy access for patching and splicing. This fiber patch panel includes two universal 19” and 23” mounting supports, and the enclosure can hold two 12 fiber splice trays.

Make sure you’re adequately prepared for your fiber installation project. Primus Cable also provides the Wall Mount Enclosure, 1 Panel/1 Spool. This compact wall mount enclosure is intended for indoor fiber network installation. It has the capacity of one LC adapter panel and has an installed fiber spool. It is suitable for installation inside closets, DOT traffic control enclosures, and tight spaces.

Whatever the requirements of your networking project, Primus Cable has the fiber networking products for you. These fiber products are all made in the USA, so you can depend on high quality.

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Fiber Adapter Plate, Multimode/Single Mode, LC, Duplex, 6 Port/12 Port

Price: $56.99-$86.99
Availability: Min. Qty. Order
OCC Item #: 61###LC -

    Cabinet Adapter Panel To accompany all OCC fiber optic enclosures, OCC developed snap-in fiber adapter plates that are versatile enough to meet any fiber application and durable enough to withstand field installations. All OCC fiber adapter plates guarantee performance parameters for the application specified and are can be pre-loaded into OCC fiber cabinets for easy plug and play operatability.

    LC Fiber Optic Adapter Plate with 6 Duplex Multimode Adapters

    Price: $31.99
    Availability: In Stock
    Primus Cable Item #: FB24-4019LCB12 -

      Loaded LC Multimode Duplex Phosphorus Bronze 6 Pack Panel, 12 Ports Total This fiber adapter panel is loaded with 6 duplex multimode LC connectors, giving a total of 12 ports. The panel snaps easily into most of our FB23 Fiber Patch Panels and Wall Mounts.