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Plenum SVGA Cable | CMP SVGA Cable

Home theater systems are sometimes wired spanning several floors. In this case, network wiring passes through plenum areas and air spaces, which require SVGA plenum rated cable. Primus Cable’s plenum SVGA cable is ideal for professional installations in schools, commercial buildings and residential homes, and they will meet fire safety standards.

Our SVGA plenum cables deliver video excellence, enabling you to hook up your computer with your plasma, LCD, or HD television. Each of our SVGA Plenum CMP Cables feature a shielding layer that provides excellent attenuation, low loss of signal, and low electromagnetic interference (EMI.)

A well-designed home theater system includes top-quality components, eliminates clutter & tangled wires, and performs at a high level. In buildings where fire is a concern, plenum SVGA cables will allow you to run your cables in plenum spaces and other areas with environmental airflow. We have dedicated VGA Wallplates, or you can choose to get a Feed Through Cable or Recessed Wallplate to run multiple cables through the wall. We also carry Drywall Brackets to mount your wallplates.

A quick note on plenum and riser cables: plenum cable has more robust fire safety characteristics than riser cable. Thus, plenum cable can also be used in place of riser cable, but riser cable can’t always replace plenum cable. This is an important consideration, especially when hooking up your home theater network between floors.

To ensure a clear picture with minimal signal interference, order one of our high performance plenum SVGA cables. Our CMP SVGA cable includes the best customer service in the business. If you’re in the market for a well-made SVGA combo cables, your search stops here. Primus Cable has all your SVGA cable CMP needs taken care of.

Thank you for choosing Primus Cable as your #1 plenum SVGA cable supplier. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

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Plenum rated ( CMP ) SVGA cable M/M, black color 25ft

Price: $88.00-$205.33
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    SVGA Computer Monitor/TV Video CMP Plenum Cable Male to Male Our Plenum Rated SVGA cable is ideal in Educational or Commercial installations where local fire codes call for a CMP rated cable to run through walls, ceilings, and plenum air chambers.