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Network Ethernet Splitters

Ethernet splitters allow the sharing of a single Ethernet signal across two devices. These devices are commonly used in pairs, with one at the outlet and another at the patch panel. This allows versatility in network wiring configurations, allowing more devices to be added.

The Ethernet Splitter for 1x VOIP splits the signal from one CAT5E Ethernet cable among two RJ45 connections. This Ethernet splitter is ideal for both domestic and commercial applications. By utilizing this device, two computers can share one CAT5E Ethernet port. If the router has only one RJ45 port, then an Ethernet switch will be required to run multiple PCs off one signal at the same time.

Our phone cable is commonly used for 10Base-T and 100Base-T networking, particularly for telephone and low speed data applications. We stock both phone cable for plenum and for riser applications. If your project involves installation in plenums or air spaces, the CAT3 Bulk Cable, Plenum CMP Solid is a wise choice.

This phone cable features 25 unshielded solid copper pairs in a 24 AWG diameter cable. This phone cable is ideal for indoor voice communications applications, and is supplied on a wooden spool. This CAT3 phone cable is also easy to install with its color striped pairs.

Primus Cable provides a wide assortment of networking and telco tools for your installation project. Our EZ-RJPRO™ HD Ratchet Wire Crimping Tool is the professionals’ choice when working with CAT5E and CAT6 RJ45 connectors. It also works well with EZ-RJ12/RJ11 connectors. This crimping tool functions as a wire cutter, stripper, and crimping tool all in one. The ratcheted straight action crimping motion ensures a uniform crimp every cycle. Features precision cast crimping dies for superior accuracy.

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Ethernet Splitter for 1x VOIP + 1x PC, Pigtail Type, 10/100 BaseT 1P/2J 07

Price: $4.13
Availability: In Stock
Primus Cable Item #: TS1-2964-07 -

    Ethernet Splitter for 1x VOIP + 1x PC, Pigtail Type, 10/100 BaseT 1P/2J 07 Bridges all plug pairs, compatible with any jack wiring. Provides an additional 4pair plug with the same wiring.

    Ethernet Splitter for PCs, Pigtail Type, 10/100 BaseT 1P/2J 04

    Price: $4.13
    Availability: Min. Qty. Order
    Primus Cable Item #: TS1-2963-04 -

      Ethernet Splitter for PC's, Pigtail Type, 10/100 BaseT 1P/2J 04 CAT5E splitters enables two different devices to share the same cable. They are usually used in pairs, one at the outlet and one at the patch panel. Several wiring configurations are available to split the four pairs to suit different applications. Splits a 4 pair T568A/568B plug sending pair 2 & 3 to jack 1 and pair 1 & 4 to jack 2 for 100BaseT application at either jack. ...

      Ethernet Splitter, 10/100 BaseT 1P/2J 08

      Price: $4.48
      Availability: In Stock
      Primus Cable Item #: TS1-2965-08 -

        Ethernet Splitter for Voice Over IP, 10/100 BaseT 1P/2J 08 Splits a 4 pair T568A568B plug, pair 2&3 to jack 1 and pair 1&4 to Jack 2 for 100BaseT (jack1) and Token Ring or voice application (jack 2).