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Blank Spacing Panels for Network Racks

Blank Spacing Panels offer a means to cover an unused rack space in front of a server rack. They promote circulation of airflow around the server equipment, while venting out hot exhaust from network components. By preventing the buildup of excess heat, cooling fans don’t have to work as hard, which is energy efficient.

Primus Cable’s Network Rack, Blank Panel, Flanged, 1U is much more than just a network rack space filler. This blanking panel reinforces the structure of your server rack, protecting the components within. It is recommended to install a blanking panel at regular intervals at least every 8U spaces for racks over 12U. We also have flanged blank spacers for 2U, 3U, and 4U sizes.

We are an end to end provider of networking equipment including a wide selection of Server Racks. Server racks not only provide safety for network components, they also keep servers organized. Primus Cable offers a multitude of solutions including: fixed wall mount, free standing racks, SOHO racks, and swing out wall mount enclosures, just to name a few.

Primus Cable provides a fine selection of networking patch panels to configure your data network. For the most cost effective high performance system, we offer the CAT 6 Shielded Ethernet Patch Panel, 24 Port. The patch panel is composed of solid 16 gauge steel with rounded edges. Its performance level exceeds TIA/EIA 568A and 568B standards for Category 6. The network connections sit flush on the panel face, eliminating cable snags. The 50 micron gold plated RJ45 contact areas helps minimize electromagnetic interference, and is also reinforced with nickel plated phosphor shielding.

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1U Flat Blank Spacer

Price: $5.19-$14.72
Availability: In Stock
Primus Cable Item #: PP3-28##-#UFS -

    Blank Rack Spacing Panel With Flanges The Primus Cable series of Blank Spacing Blanks are a cut above the rest. Most people think of spacers or fillers as just that, something to fill up a gap in your rack to give it a fuller look. However, they serve a greater purpose than just aesthetics. They provide added strength so that each rack mounted component you install augments your racking system. Some racks can experience more than twice the strength and ruggedness by simply installing spacer...

    Network Rack, Spacer Blank, Flanged, 6U

    Retail: $30.00
    Price: $25.85
    Availability: In Stock
    Kendall Howard Item #: RP-K12-3361-6U -

      6U Flanged Spacer Blank The Kendall Howard 6U Flanged Spacer Blanks are a cut above the rest. Spacer Blanks are often used as a way to fill in any gaps and conceal empty rack spaces in a rack or enclosure. The use of filler panels not only makes racks look neat, clean, and organized, but when installed properly they also provide added support to the mounting rails. These rack panels are also critical for controlling proper airflow, especially in cold aisle/hot aisle applications. Four mounting...

      Network Rack, Equipment Support, 2U

      Retail: $39.00
      Price: $33.60
      Availability: In Stock
      Kendall Howard Item #: RS-K13-3385-2U -

        Rack Helper - Rack Mounted Heavy Equipment Support The product that started it all - the Kendall Howard Rack Helper is a truly innovative product. Acting as a second set of hands, the Rack Helper perfectly places and supports network, A/V, and other equipment during installation. This 2U rackmount component makes installing heavy rackmount equipment a snap! Huge time-saver Easily install heavy equipment 200 lb. weight capacity Made in the USA Limited Lifetime Warranty ...