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Coax Tools and Calibration Kits

Installing that new flat screen television or wiring your home theater will require the right coax tools and calibration kits. Primus Cable provides coax tools including: cable cutting, stripping, and crimping tools to help expedite your home theater project. If you run coaxial cable to wire your audio/video systems, you’ll need coax tools to prepare it for installation.

The RG59/6/11 Crimping Tools offer exceptional performance. It is designed for closing force, plus there is no break-over hand force making the last click easily achievable. The head of this coax tool is angled to lessen the need to bend the wrist. Dies can be changed quickly and easily.

Coaxial cutters, such as the Coax and Data Cable Cutter, BTP 6", are designed for low effort cutting of coax cable without deforming the dielectric. This coax tool cuts solid, stranded, and multi-conductor cables up to 6 AWG. Some coax tools even have the combined functions of cable cutters and cable strippers.

For the comprehensive home theater installation and upgrade tool kit, Primus Cable offers the Ultimate Technician Tool Kit. This set of coax tools is designed for technicians working with phone, data, satellite, HDTV, cable television, and cable modems. It is the complete solution for all your cable preparation, installation, and testing. Includes coax tools such as: cutters, strippers, two crimpers, a SurePunch Pro punchdown tool, as well as extra blades. It also comes with a LAN ProNavigator tone and probe kit.

Primus Cable is an end to end provider when it comes to networking cable, tools, and accessories. We have everything you need to help get your installation project done under budget and on time.

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Coax Crimp Tool, 9" Ergo Crimp Tool - Handle Only

Price: $41.95
Availability: In Stock
Primus Cable Item #: NPNB-16500C -

    9" Ergo Coax Crimping Tool - Handle Only The 9" Ergo Coax Crimping Tool is the next generation of crimp tool technology designed around the user. Crimping is even easier and more comfortable. The "straight plate" lower jaw assembly of this coax crimp tool eliminates critical structural stress points, common in most competitive tools - it will not break under heavy stress and will last for years to come. Higher performance, reliability and comfort, it"s all here.

    Coaxial Cable Stripper For RG58, RG59, RG62 and RG6

    Price: $14.65
    Availability: In Stock
    Primus Cable Item #: TL5-15030-32C -

      2-Level Coaxial Cable Stripper The coaxial cable stripper for quad shielded cable is an easy and effective tool for stripping different cable materials. The fixed two blade construction makes this wire stripper ideal for stripping RG58, RG59, RG62, RG6 coaxial cables. The V-block on this coaxial cable stripper can be reversed, and the indication arrow ">" indicates the (RG) cable size. Stripper distance can be changed if user moves one of the stripping blades. Stripping the coaxial jacket and...

      Coax and Data Cable Cutter

      Price: $20.70
      Availability: In Stock
      Primus Cable Item #: TL7-3027 -

        BTP 6" Coax and Data Cable Cutter, up to 6AWG Cables The rugged drop forged construction of the BTP-6 Cutter, provides exceptional durability and professional results. These cutters are manufactured from hardened, corrosion resistant chrome vanadium steel. The unique dual elliptical cutting blades are precision ground to provide low effort cutting of coaxial cables without deforming the cable dielectric. Cuts twisted pair cables, both UTP/STP, and a wide range of coax. Non-slip cushioned...

        BR1, Multi-Stripper, All In One Stripping Tool, "Big Red"

        Price: $14.68
        Availability: In Stock
        Primus Cable Item #: TL5-4595 -

          BR1 Cable Multi-Stripper for Coax and Ethernet Lightweight, compact and versatile, the BR1 Multi-Stripper is the All In One coaxial cable stripper solution that helps reduce installation time and tooling costs for installers and technicians. One BR1 Multi-Stripper coaxial cable stripper can strip coax, CAT3, CAT5, CAT5E, CAT6, CAT6A, shielded, plenum or PVC as well as round cable for telephone and audio cables. Primus Cable offers this easy to use, BR1 Multi-Stripper for all networking data,...

          Coax & Round Wire Cable Cutter

          Price: $10.38
          Availability: In Stock
          Primus Cable Item #: TL5-3482 -

            Coaxial Cable Cutter for Solid and Stranded Wire, Multi-Conductor Cable The durable, economically priced Coaxial Cable Cutter is designed to cut solid and stranded wire to 8 AWG, multi-conductor and coaxial cable to 1/2" diameter. It features a curved, precision ground cutting blade that will not deform the conductors or dielectric you are cutting. This coaxial cable cutter is stamped from high carbon tool steel and heat treated for long life.