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Duplex Fiber Optic Cables

Duplex Fiber

The duplex fiber optic cable consists of two strands of glass usually in a thin web construction that can be separated. It is commonly used for fiber applications where a separate transmit and receive are necessary. When simultaneous bidirectional data transfer is required, then you’ll require duplex fiber cable. We supply duplex cable for a wide range of applications including single and multimode plenum and riser versions.

The Duplex Fiber Optic Cable, Zip Cord, Single Mode, 9/125 is manufactured of genuine Corning glass with a plenum rated construction. This duplex fiber optic cable is made with a tight buffer, an aramid yarn and a PVC outer jacket. All materials of its construction meet the EU RoHS and REACH Directive standards. This duplex fiber cable is UL listed OFNP for safe usage inside environmental air handling spaces like plenums.

It is also available in both 2mm and 3mm OD sizes to suit patch cord applications. This type of cable also has sequential footage markings on its jacket so you always know how much is left.

For multimode fiber applications, Primus Cable also offers duplex fiber cable like the Duplex Fiber Optic Cable, Zip Cord, Multimode for indoor floor to floor applications. This OM4 fiber optic cable is manufactured using Corning glass and is suitable for 10 Gigabyte data applications. All components of this cable are also RoHS approved and conform to REACH Directive standards.

This riser duplex fiber optic cable is sold in the 12 TIA standardized colors as well as in special order colors. It is UL listed OFNR for safe installation in building riser shafts and from floor to floor.

Got Tools? We’ve got you covered! Primus Cable provides a wide selection of Fiber Optic Tools including fusion splicers, termination tools, and fiber tool kits. We have everything you need to successfully test, strip, cleave, and terminate fiber optic cable. Some of our fiber testers include certification abilities, which some companies require after fiber installation.

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Duplex Cable Corning Fiber Single Mode 9/125 Plenum OFNP

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    Duplex Cable Corning Fiber Single Mode 9/125 Riser OFNR

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