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Aerial Fiber

Aerial Fiber Optic Cable, Messenger Wire

Aerial fiber optic cable is manufactured for installation outdoors, being suspended from pole to pole. Its jacketing is designed to resist weather and sunshine exposure. It also includes a ¼” galvanized messenger wire for stability in suspended applications from rooftop to rooftop. Common applications include: cable television, outside plant, and telecom applications. We supply aerial fiber in 9/125 single mode as well as in 50/125 OM1, OM2, OM3, and OM4 multimode versions.

For long distance aerial outdoor installations, Primus Cable offers the Aerial Fiber, Single Mode, 9/125, Outdoor Cable with Messenger, Polyethylene. This aerial fiber optic cable is available in two strand to up to 48 strand versions. It is self supported by its messenger wire, which reduces installation time and cost by up to 50%.

With Primus Cable’s aerial fiber optic cable, you don’t need to install a separate messenger wire and lash the cable to the messenger. It has a very wide operating temperature of -40°C to +85°C to withstand severe outdoor weather exposure. It boasts excellent attenuation characteristics, making it suitable for long distance applications.

The Aerial Fiber, Multimode, 50/125 10 Gig OM4, Outdoor Cable with Messenger, Polyethylene is ideal for outdoor rooftop applications for maximum bandwidth over shorter distances. This aerial fiber optic cable comes in two strand to up to 48 strand. It has a figure eight construction for use with standard messenger clamping and support hardware. The polyethylene outer cable jacket is excellent for UV and weather resistance.

Testing a fiber cable run? We’ve got you covered with our Fiber Cable Testers. Primus Cable boasts a superior selection of OTDR testers, fiber optic certifiers, power meters, VFLs, and inspection scopes. We are your one stop shop for fiber cable tools and testers to troubleshoot your installation.

Come prepared to your next high speed fiber installion with Primus Cable’s selection of fiber tools like the Fiber Cleaver, Ceramic Blade, Cleave Lengths 2mm-20mm. This single fiber cleaver is designed to accommodate either 900um buffered or 250um coated fiber. The easy three step operation of this fiber cleaver is well suited for mechanical splice and quick termination in the field. The leaf spring base is ruled to allow for cleave lengths ranging from 2 to 20mm.

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