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Coaxial Wall Plates

Coaxial Television Wall Plates

Coaxial wall plates provide a secure access point for coaxial connections entering a building. Solid, reliable networks depend upon sturdy network access points, and coaxial wall plates from Primus Cable are just the solution for you. These coax wall plates install flush with the wall surface, preventing dust, foreign objects, and insects from entering or interfering.

Primus Cable offers the Wall Plate w/ F-81 Insert, 1 Port in both white and ivory colors. It has a coaxial F-81 insert and comes with all necessary mounting hardware. This coaxial wall plate installs quickly with just two screws. Use this coaxial F-81 wall plate when hooking up a television to keep your connections secure.

Need a mount for your television? Primus Cable has got you covered! We have a wide assortment of ceiling and wall TV Mounts. Our television mounts maximize the viewing angle to optimize user experience. They come in fixed, tilt, and full motion varieties to accommodate televisions ranging from 13” to up to 75” in size.

Got Tools? Primus Cable has everything you need for home theater installs like coax cutting, stripping, and crimping tools to get connected. Our tools are easy to use and are manufactured of quality materials to stand the test of time.

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Wall Plate with F-81 Insert Coupler, 1 Port Front

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Primus Cable Item #: WP6-F-81 -

    1-Port Wall Plate with F-81 Insert for Your CATV Applications The F-81 Coupler is attached to a wall plate and mounts flush to the wall. This large size, one port wall plate for a TV hookup has a smooth, professional finish. It is offered in white and almond colors with a size of 2.75" x 4.5". This is the perfect touch for your home entertainment theater, CATV and Audio/Video wire installations.