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MTP® Cables

MTP®/MPO Fiber Optic Cables

Multi-fiber Termination Push-on, or MTP® fiber optic cable is terminated with MTP® connectors on both ends, containing up to 12 optical fibers in a single ferrule. The multiple fiber push on (MPO) connectors are a popular means of achieving high density networking configurations. Primus Cable provides MTP®/MPO cable in single mode and multimode versions.

Multiple fiber cable technology is the way of the future. As demands for higher bandwidth require higher density configurations, MTP®/MPO cable products will become a necessity. Primus Cable’s MTP®/MPO fiber cables are available in 12 strand. The MTP®/MPO Fiber Optic Cable, Single Mode, 12 Fiber, 9/125, Female-Female contains 12 fibers in a single ferrule.

This high speed 9/125um MTP/MPO fiber cable is terminated with push on connectors for high density networking. These are available in both straight through and crossover polarity types. We provide single mode MTP/MPO cable in lengths ranging from 1 meter to up to 50 meters.

Primus Cable also supplies a multimode option, the MTP®/MPO Fiber Optic Cable, Multimode, 12 Fiber, 50/125 with high speed 50/125um OM3 fiber. These high performance MTP/MPO fiber cables are available in straight through, cross, and cross pair polarity types. MTP fiber cables are popular with data centers requiring many efficient connections in a small footprint. These are also available in lengths ranging from one meter to up to 50 meters.

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