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Structured Media Module

Structured media modules maximize the performance of any network by allowing you to organize network connections in the smallest space possible. Primus Cable offers media modules to boost the performance of your data network. We offer media modules for both CAT 5E and CAT 6 data networks.

The CAT 6 8 Port Data Module is comprised of eight ports with a T568A pinout. The media module accommodates easy 110 style punchdown and either meets or exceeds industry standards. Not only do Primus Cable’s media modules promote efficient organization, they also keep Ethernet connections centralized in one location inside a secure patch panel.

Primus Cable also offers wall mounted media cabinets to add structure to your network. The Network Rack, Wall Mount Enclosure, Bezel & Door - 14'', 28" or 42" is a cost saving solution to improve the efficiency of your network. The non-intrusive design of this wall mounted media cabinet won’t interfere in space restrictive areas. The enclosure maximizes interior space with a unique mounting system. This low-profile, wall mounted media cabinet is ideal for installation in classrooms, retail stores and other high traffic areas.

Primus Cable is an end to end provider of networking products including cables and hardware for wall mounted media cabinets and media modules. We offer a wide selection of CAT 6 Ethernet Patch Cables in lengths ranging from 1’ to up to 150’. Our Ethernet patch cables all meet or exceed high industry standards being either UL listed or ETL verified.

Our CAT 6 patch cables come with or without molded snagless boots, and we offer shielded patch cables for installation in areas of electronic interference. Shielding prevents signal degradation and problems from alien crosstalk.

Whatever you need for your data network, Primus Cable has got you covered. Thank you for visiting our site.

If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call. 951-824-1571

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2-Channel x 8-Location Passive Audio Hub

Price: $16.54
Availability: Min. Qty. Order
Dynacom Item #: RC-3634-AH8 -

    Passive Audio Module, 2x8 Configuration Dynacom's 2-Channel x 8-Location Passive Audio Module is the ideal audio solution for multiple devices. The Passive Audio Module distributes the 2-Channel audio signal to up to 8 locations. Simply terminate the audio cable to the audio module's plugs and then run the feed to the locations/devices of choice. This 2 Channel x 8 Location Passive Audio Module is compatible with Dynacom's 14" and 28" Wall Mount Enclosures. Additional Related Items To complete...

    4-Line x 8-Location Voice Master Module w/ RJ31X

    Price: $15.22
    Availability: In Stock
    Dynacom Item #: RC-3606-VH8 -

      Telco Voice Distribution Module This Telco Voice Distribution Module, from Dynacom, distributes the incoming signal from the raw cable, to up to 8 locations. This module operates similar to that of a 110 punchdown block. Once the wires have been terminated on the module, the cross-connect wires may be distributed to the power outlet boxes. Additionally, with the Telco Voice Expansion Module, the four voice lines could be distributed up to 16 locations. By plugging a male RJ11 cable in to the...

      2-Line x 8-Location Voice Expansion Module

      Price: $14.25
      Availability: Min. Qty. Order
      Dynacom Item #: RC-3633-VHE8 -

        Telco Voice Expansion Module The Telco Voice Expansion Module is to be used specifically with the Telco Voice Distribution Module in order to expand the amount of voice lines to multiple locations. The four voice lines could be terminated on the Telco Voice Distribution Module and then connected to the Telco Voice Expansion Module for a total of up to 16 locations. By plugging a male RJ11 cable in to the RJ11 ports on the modules, it allows the signal from the Telco Voice Distribution Module...

        Universal Mounting Bracket

        Price: $6.11
        Availability: Min. Qty. Order
        Dynacom Item #: RC-3635-MB -

          Universal Mounting Bracket Mount practically anything with this Universal Mounting Bracket from Dynacom. This Universal Mounting Bracket also features a convenient hook and loop strap for added security. The durable steel construction is built to carry the load of any enclosure or patch panel from Dynacom. Additional Related Items To complete your network Primus Cable has all the products you need, with full end to end solutions for network storage and enclosures. This Universal Mounting...

          2 GHz, 4 or 8 Way Video Splitter

          Price: $13.67-$19.91
          Availability: Min. Qty. Order
          Dynacom Item #: RC-####-VS# -

            1-2 GHz Passive Coaxial Video Splitter Modules Coaxial splitters are commonly used to pass incoming antenna and cable feeds to multiple tuners or devices. When splitting the feed it is common to have a certain amount of signal loss. However, with enough bandwidth the signal should not depreciate. Splitters are defined as passive splitters because the signal travels along the coaxial cable which is only divided by three thin copper wires. There is typically a 3 decibel loss per input and output...

            CAT 5E 8 Port Data Module

            Price: $18.14
            Availability: In Stock
            ICC Item #: RC-6172-58 -

              CAT 5E 8 Port Data Module This compact CAT5e Data Module is a cost-effective solution designed to provide broadband internet access for up to eight (8) computers in a residence. The module is integrated with a non-bridged CAT5e data board with eight (8) standard 4-pair 110 IDC connectors, providing high-performance connectivity that’s tested to exceed TIA/EIA-568-B.2 industry standards. This compact CAT5e data module is UL listed and has a PCB board design, without housing, offering the same...

              CAT 6 8-Port Data Module

              Price: $19.55
              Availability: In Stock
              Dynacom Item #: RC-5866-68 -

                CAT 6 8 Port Data Module Dynacom's 8-Port CAT 6 Data Module offers the ability to provide a network interface for LAN applications. This small module features 110 style IDC terminals that allow the installer to run the cable from the power outlet boxes to the CAT 6 Data Module. Once the connections have been terminated, the CAT 6 Data Module supports up to 8 data lines. Dynacom's 8 Port CAT 6 Data Module meets and exceeds industry standards, ensuring safety & maximizing the performance of your...