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Aluminum Straight Conduit, 10’ Lengths, ½” – 6”  Electrical Conduit, Electrical, Conduit, Metal Conduit, Aluminum Conduit, Aluminun Tubing, Ridged Conduit, RAC, EMT, Electrical Metal Tubing, 10’ Lengths

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    Aluminum Straight Conduit, 10’ Lengths The ½” – 6” Aluminum Conduit or Rigid Aluminum Conduit (RAC) from is a lighter option that provides protection to wire runs in the most corrosive and industrial environments. Rigid Aluminum Conduit comes in 10’ lengths.

    BX Flexible Aluminum Conduit, Coil, 3/8" - 4" Flexible Aluminum Conduit, Coil,  3/8" - 4"

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      Flexible Aluminum Conduit, Coil, 3/8" - 4" Flexible Aluminum Conduit is used as a raceway to pull wire or other conductors through. It is made by the helical coiling of a self-interlocked ribbed strip of aluminum, forming a hollow tube through which wires can be pulled. This flexible conduit is used for both indoor and outdoor use but primarily in dry areas where it would be impractical to install EMT or other non-flexible conduit, yet where metallic strength to protect conductors is still...