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CAT6 Shielded Outdoor Patch Cords for Harsh Environments

Rugged outdoor networking projects require a higher level of durability, and Primus Cable is up to the task. We offer CAT6 shielded outdoor patch cables with water tight protective caps over the connectors to withstand environmental exposure.

The CAT6 Ethernet Patch Cable, Shielded, Outdoor Industrial not only protects against water intrusion but also has shielding to prevent electrical interference. These CAT6 shielded outdoor patch cables are sold in lengths ranging from 3 feet to up to 100 feet. The 26 gauge stranded copper conductors are organized into four color striped pairs.

The connectors have gold plating over the contacts for improved conductivity. Aluminum foil shielding suppresses crosstalk while enabling excellent attenuation.

Your network is only as strong as its weakest link. Make sure your connections are secure with Primus Cable’s water sealed Wall Plates. We offer an outdoor water sealed wall plate for RJ45 connections in harsh environments. These have a stainless steel finish and house bulkhead keystone jacks to resist wet or debris filled environments.

Got tools? Primus Cable has got you covered with our wide selection of Networking Tools to facilitate your project. We have a multitude of networking tools including: cable crimpers, cable cutters, cable strippers, and even cable testers. Having the right tools for the job can yield dramatic savings, and get your project done under budget and on time.

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CAT6 Shielded Outdoor Ethernet Patch Cable, Protects against Water and Dust, Black - Assorted Lengths

Price: $7.54-$94.23
Availability: In Stock
Primus Cable Item #: PC6O-####-##XX -

    Industrial Outdoor Shielded CAT6 Ethernet Patch Cable Primus Cable's Outdoor Shielded CAT6 Patch Cables are designed for harsh industrial environments such as factory automation, outdoors, and places where Ethernet cables may be exposed to damp, wet, or dusty locations. Product Quality Product quality is essential to a reliable network, Primus Cable's CAT6 Shielded Outdoor patch cables are durable, flexible and well-constructed. To make sure we are supplying our customers with high-quality...

    Ethernet Patch Cable Water-Proof Outdoor Industrial Cap

    Price: $5.13
    Availability: In Stock
    Primus Cable Item #: SB3-2245 -

      Industrial Waterproof Ethernet Patch Cable Cap Primus Cable's Industrial Waterproof Patch Cable Caps are great Industrial environments such as factories, warehouses, machine shops, and outdoor areas. This Patch Cable Cap helps protect your network cabling from water, grease, dust, and other contaminants. Product Quality Product quality is essential to a reliable network, Our Outdoor Water-Resistant Patch Cable Caps are designed to be used with our outdoor patch cables, couplers, and jacks....