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18 Gauge Speaker Wire

Don’t let low-grade, poor quality speaker cable be the weak link in your audio installation! Primus Cable’s selection of 18 gauge speaker wire delivers enhanced audio and long-lasting performance. Get excellent highly detailed audio quality with Primus Cable’s 18 gauge speaker cable.

Perfect for in-wall installations, Primus Cable’s 18 gauge speaker wire brings you great quality at a competitive price. Our speaker cable is made of pure, oxygen free copper that provides impressively detailed audio. We carry the versatile Speaker Wire, 18/2 Oxygen Free CMR, 1,000' – White for wiring outdoor sound systems and low voltage lighting. Each conductor is color coded for easy identification, and the PVC jacket is rated for indoor applications.

Purchasing Considerations:

When installing 18 gauge speaker wire, you must consider the following factors: gauge, distance (length of cable runs), cable quality, run locations (through walls, under rugs, etc.) and purpose. Based on an 8 ohm output (most common), 18 AWG speaker wire should be ample enough for runs of up to 48 feet—perfect for a small home, office, dorm room, and car. If you are at all worried and would like a thicker gauge, check out one of our lower gauge/bigger sized wire – we offer superior 14 AWG and 16 AWG speaker wire and cable -- but we assure you 18-gauge is ideal for any small to medium audio job.

With a higher gauge factor, 18 gauge speaker wire is one of the most slender wires you can buy. This wire offers an advantage in tight spaces, especially where a thicker wire would pose problems for installations. Plus, 18 gauge speaker wire is ultra-flexible. Unlike smaller gauge (larger diameter) wire, 18 AWG can easily navigate corners, tight bends and compact areas. For conduit runs, a larger wire makes more sense. However, 18 gauge speaker wire is a great choice for everyday applications.

Before checking out, browse around for any other products that you may need in your home theater or larger audio installation. We carry Audio/Video Keystone Jacks and other products to help you get the job done. Primus Cable is the ideal partner for any job. Thanks for stopping by—order one of Primus Cable’s 18 AWG speaker wire for superior performance, dependable quality and outstanding price.

If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at 951-824-1571. Primus Cable is a preferred supplier of 18 gauge speaker wire. See why we’ve earned high marks for price, customer satisfaction and product quality.

If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call. Primus Cable