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Networking CAT8 Keystone Data Jacks

CAT8 Keystone Jacks for Data Center Networking

Data centers rely upon system components up to speed with the rest of their CAT8 network. Your data hub is only as strong as its weakest link, so ensure your connectivity products are suitable for 40GBASE-T networking as well. The CAT8 keystone data jack supports Category 8 TIA/EIA 568-C.2 performance up to 2,000 MHz. It is compatible with 22-24 gauge shielded CAT8 Ethernet cable, and fits standardized high density patch panels.

The CAT8 Keystone Jack, Shielded, High Density is a component rated 180 degree solution. Manufactured to unparalleled quality standards, this CAT8 keystone jack is engineered with PCB technology. It is designed cleanly with zinc die-cast nickel plated housing to resist EMI and crosstalk. Gold plated nickel contacts maximize conductivity while resisting corrosion.

This CAT8 keystone jack supports tool-less termination when using the IDC cap. It has easy to read wiring labels to facilitate termination, and this CAT8 keystone data jack is also UL listed. Primus Cable is your one stop datacenter solutions provider.

We supply CAT8 Bulk Ethernet Cable, 40G Indoor/Outdoor TC Shielded. This is sold on 500 foot spools of 23 gauge solid copper S/FTP conductors. It has overall 60% tin copper braiding and is ideal for 30 meter distance runs for 40GBASE-T networking. It has a low smoke zero halogen outer jacket with a CMR rating, which is also UV resistant.

Primus Cable has been supplying network cable and components for nearly 20 years. Our superior quality products are offered at the most competitive prices and backed by our knowledgeable customer support team. Thank you for visiting our website.

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Copper Foil Strips for improving bandwidth performance

Price: $8.35
Availability: In Stock
Primus Cable Item #: CN6-1578 -

    Protect against EMI and RFI The copper foil strips are typically wrapped around the cable to cover the ground wire before installing the connector. This is a perfect way to protect your cables against electrical interference and improve your bandwidth performance. These copper foil strips are ideal to use with our RJ45 shielded connectors and shielded keystone jacks. The copper strips come ten to a sheet already scored for easy removal.

    CAT8 Keystone Jack, Shielded, High Density

    Price: $9.60
    Availability: In Stock
    Primus Cable Item #: K8-6577/180/S -

      CAT8 Shielded High Density Component Rated 180° Keystone Jack Primus Cable's CAT8 Shielded HD Component Rated line is our premier line of data jacks. The CAT8 Shielded Keystone Jacks are engineered with PCB technology, phosphor bronze IDC contacts, gold plated prongs, and a zinc die-cast with nickel plated housing. CAT8 Shielded line of keystone jacks are also compatible with solid and stranded 22 AWG to 24 AWG size wires. The CAT8 Shielded line of keystone jacks were engineered to simplify...