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Tracer Tape Woven Polyester 22AWG Locater Wire
Made in the USA

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    Tracer Tape Made From Woven Polyester and 22 Gauge Wire.

    When it comes to buried duct, Tracer Tape by Primus Cable is the expert's choice. Tracer Tape incorporates a solid corrosion resistant copper conductor into our industry leading Tracer Tape products. The result is a multi-functional product used for locating, pulling and measuring your duct and fiber. Simply direct a radio signal on to the Tracer Tape and follow conventional locating procedures.

    Since our Pull Tape products have the lowest shrink factors in the industry, Tracer Tape is extrusion friendly and can be pre-inserted by the duct manufacturer or blown into the duct at the job site. All Tracer Tapes are furnished with printed sequential footage markings for accurate measurements and factory pre-lubricated for easy pulling with no duct burn-through as with rope products.

    From the champion pedigree of Primus Cable, Tracer Tape provides tomorrow's technology today by locating, measuring, and pulling with a single product.

    Tracer Tape Features

    • Pull, measure and locate with one product.
    • Low coefficient of friction value minimizes burn-through of duct.
    • Eliminates additional labor required for string, rope, winch line combination. One tape does it all.
    • Order continuous lengths from 3,000 feet to 100,000 feet to meet your requirements.
    • Minimizes puckering in the extrusion process - less footage required for innerduct runs.
    • Special silicone lubricant which is compatible with innerduct lubricants and greatly minimizes the possibility of burn-through in both PVC and HDPE ducts due to low coefficient of friction.
    • Easily blown through conduit or duct and the high tensile strength ratings permit the use of a single product versus the traditional string, rope, or winch line pulling process.

    Tracer Tape Specifications

    Tensile Strength
    1250 lb / 567 kg
    1800 lb / 816 kg
    2500 lb / 1134 kg

    Wire Conductor Specifications

    AWG (Gauge)
    22 Solid Bare Copper
    0.0253 Normal
    Maximum Voltage
    300 V
    Tensile Strength
    34,000 lb/in
    16.2 OHMS / mft
    *Resistance values based on copper of 100% conductivity at 20°C

    Wire Insulation Specifications

    High density polyethylene (HDPE)
    0.010" Nominal
    Dielectric Constant
    2.34 @ 1 MHz