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    Ethernet Cable Tester, Workstation Installation Kit with LAN Tester

    The Ethernet Cable Tester and Workstation Installation Kit with LAN tester is designed for a wide range of electronic equipment and is very popular with service engineers. This compact kit assists the installer with setting up a home or business Ethernet network. Featuring the Enhanced Network Cable Tester, this allows a technician to test continuity of all UTP and STP cables. The Ethernet cable tester verifies adherence to 10BASE-T, 100BASE-T, TIA-568A, TIA-568B, and Token Ring wiring standards.

    It also verifies the shield integrity of Ethernet for proper signal transmission, and checks strength of the cable jacketing. The Ethernet Cable Tester and Workstation Installation Kit also includes a high quality crimping tool and cutter for terminating Ethernet cable with RJ45 connectors.


    • Crimper 8p8c/RJ-45, 6p6c/RJ-12, 6p4c/RJ-11
    • Cable stripper with cutter
    • Plugs 8p8c *80
    • Enhanced network cable tester 256551
    • Size 260(L) x 200(W)x48(H)