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LMR 195 Low Loss RF 195 Coaxial Cable UV PVC RF Shielding 1000Ft Black
  • LMR 195 Low Loss RF 195 Coaxial Cable UV PVC RF Shielding 1000Ft Black
  • LMR 195 Low Loss RF 195 Coaxial Cable UV PVC RF Shielding 1000Ft Black
  • LMR 195 Low Loss RF 195 Coaxial Cable UV PVC RF Shielding 1000Ft Black

(Equivalent to Times Microwave's LMR® 195)

UL Compliant RoHS Compliant
NOTE: 250 ft & 500 ft lengths are considered to be custom length cuts and can not be returned and/or refunded.


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    MIG-195 Low Loss Coaxial Cable, Solid BC Conductor, Bonded AL/Foil, 95% TC Braided

    Primus Cable supplies only high performance coaxial cable for data networking and radio applications. MIG-195-Series cable offers equivalent or better characteristics and performance than other existing industry cables such as Commscope’s WBC-195®, Times Microwave’s LMR®-195, Andrew’s CNT-195, etc.

    LMR® is a registered trademark of Times Microwave Systems.

    Primus Cable superior Low Loss MIG-195-Series coaxial cable comes in 1,000 foot reels with a black jacket. This low loss coaxial cable is manufactured with a fire retardant black polyvinyl chloride (FR-PVC) jacket.

    The MIG-195 is suitable for shorter antenna cable runs. This low loss coaxial cable is also a superior replacement for RG58, with considerably lower signal loss. 

    Signal Loss Comparison Chart by Cable Type

    Cable Type

    Attenuation (Loss) @ 2.4 GHz

    Attenuation (Loss) @ 5.8 GHz


    24.775 dB/100foot

    81.288 dB/100meter

    41.122 dB/100foot

    134.921 dB/100meter

    100 Series

    38.916 dB/100foot

    127.685 dB/100meter

    64.098 dB/100foot

    210.307 dB/100meter

    195 Series

    18.61 dB/100foot

    61.061 dB/100meter

    29.903 dB/100foot

    98.113 dB/100meter

    200 Series

    16.512 dB/100foot

    54.178 dB/100meter

    26.353 dB/100foot

    86.464 dB/100meter

    240 Series

    12.651 dB/100foot

    41.509 dB/100meter

    20.35 dB/100foot

    66.769 dB/100meter

    400 Series

    6.614 dB/100foot

    21.703 dB/100meter

    10.821 dB/100foot

    35.504 dB/100meter

    600 Series

    4.325 dB/100foot

    14.19 dB/100meter

    7.261 dB/100foot

    23.825 dB/100meter

    MIG-195 Low Loss RF 195 Coax Cable Applications:

    • Antenna cable runs to base stations, Access Points (AP), bridges or CPE
    • Cabling between any WiFi or WiMax antenna and the associated equipment
    • Indoor or outdoor use
    • Land Mobile Radio (LMR®)
    • Local MultiPoint Distribution System (LMDS)
    • Multi-Channel Multi-Point Distribution Service (MMDS)
    • Wireless local loop (WLL)
    • Personal Communication Systems (PCS)
    • Mobile
    • Fixed wireless
    • Ham radio
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    Additional Information :

    To learn more about our MIG-195 Bulk Coaxial Cable here is a link to a page containing more information on our premium MIG-195 Bulk Coaxial Cable.

    What's In the Box

    • 1,000ft Spool of MIG-195 Low Loss RF 195 Black Coax Cable