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6 Strand Distribution Fiber 10GB Corning Glass Multi Mode 50/125 Plenum Indoor OFNP Tight Buffer
  • 6 Strand Distribution Fiber 10GB Corning Glass Multi Mode 50/125 Plenum Indoor OFNP Tight Buffer
  • 6 Strand Distribution Fiber 10GB Corning Glass Multi Mode 50/125 Plenum Indoor OFNP Tight Buffer
Made in the USA UL Compliant RoHS Compliant Plus Corning Optical Cable

This fiber cable is priced per foot

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    Plenum 6 Strand Distribution Cable

    This plenum distribution fiber cable is composed of 2-24 colored tight buffers, aramid yarn, and a PVC outer jacket. All component materials meet the EU RoHS and REACH Directive standards.

    The plenum distribution fiber cable is available in 12 TIA standard colors or special order colors. The fiber cable is UL Listed OFNP for use in ducts, plenums and air-handling spaces. Standard surface print denotes construction, NEC rating, and fiber type, and includes footage markers. Custom print can also be accommodated.


    • 900µm Tight Buffers.
    • Aramid Yarn Strength Members.
    • Durable OFNP Plenum Jacket.
    • Exclusive use of Corning® optical fibers.
    • Jacket print ensures product identification and fiber compatibility.
    • Buffers strip consistently between 3.5-5 lbs/ft, helpful for onsite termination.
    • Durable jacket offers added protection during installation and in rugged use applications.


    • General indoor applications.
    • Trunk cable between floors.
    • Data centers.

    Temperature Range

    Storage Temperature
    -40°C to +70°C
    Operating Temperature
    0°C to +70°C

    Cable Characteristics

    Fiber Count
    Outer Jacket Material
    Flame Retardant PVC
    Outer Jacket Color
    Strength Member
    Aramid Yarn
    Tight Buffer Material
    Flame Retardant PVC
    Tight Buffer Color
    Available in 12 TIA/EIA Color Standards

    Mechanical Characteristics

    Nominal Outer Diameter
    6 Stand: 5.3 mm
    Minimum Bend Radius (Installation)
    6 Stand: 7.95 cm
    Minimum Bend Radius (Operation)
    6 Stand: 5.3 cm

    Optical Characteristics

    Core Size
    50 µm
    (850/1300) nm
    Max. Attenuation
    (3.5/1.5) dB/km
    Bandwidth (EMB) (High Performance)
    2000 MHz @ 850nm
    Link Length (10GB/s)
    300 Meters

    Multimode Fiber Information

    Multi-Mode cable commonly has a diameter in the 50-to-100 micron range (typical multimode fiber core diameters are 50 or 62.5 micrometers). Multimode fiber gives you high bandwidth at high speeds (10 to 100MBS - Gigabit to 275m to 2km) over medium distances. Light waves are dispersed into numerous paths, or modes, as they travel through the cable's core typically 850 or 1300nm. However, in long cable runs (greater than 3000 feet [914.4 meters), multiple paths of light can cause signal distortion at the receiving end, resulting in an unclear and incomplete data transmission so designers now call for single mode fiber in new applications using Gigabit and beyond.