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EXO Cut / Strip / Termination Kit - RJ45 Style - Cat5E, Cat6, and Cat6A Cables
  • EXO Cut / Strip / Termination Kit - RJ45 Style - Cat5E, Cat6, and Cat6A Cables
  • RJ45 Style EXO Cut / Strip / Termination Kit for Cat5E, Cat6, and Cat6A Cables
  • EXO™ Crimp Frame with EXO-EX Die™, works with ezEX-RJ45 connectors for large diameter Ethernet cable
  • EZ-RJ45® Die for EXO Crimp Frame, interchangeable and reversible when used with the EXO Crimp Frame™
  • ezEX™44 RJ45® CAT6 Connector for .041"- .044" Insulation Diameter
  • ezEX™48 RJ45® CAT6/6A Connector for .043"- .048" Insulation Diameter
  • EZ-RJ45® CAT5E Connector for Round Solid and Stranded Cable
  • 5" Full Flush Cut Side Cutting Pliers. Use for cutting copper wire or trimming leads with the full flush cutting blades.
  • 5" Scissor Run Electrician's Scissors. Cuts solid wire up to 16 AWG and stranded up to 12 AWG. Strips 19 and 23 AWG.
  • Cyclops 2 Coaxial Cable Stripper for Twisted Pair, Multicore, and Fiber Optic Cables

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    RJ45 Style Tool Kit for your Network project

    This kit features the EXO Crimp Frame® with the EXO-EX and the EZ-RJ45 interchangeable die sets, which also has everything you need to cut, strip, and terminate Cat5e, Cat6, and Cat6A cables. The EZ-RJ45 Die works with standard EZ-RJ45 connectors to terminate Cat5e cables whereas the EXO-EX Die works with the ezEX™44 and ezEX™48 connectors to terminate larger Cat6 and Cat6A cables./p>

    EXO Termination Kit includes RJ45 connectors for Ethernet cables, an electrician's scissor, side cutting pliers, and cyclops cable jacket stripper. It is supplied in an acrylic plastic case with a die-cut foam to keep the tools in place.

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