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Access Control Composite Cable

The Access Control Composite Cable is a type of multi-conductor cable used for security wiring. It is commonly used for: wiring door contacts, card readers, and biometric scanners. It contains several security cables under one overall jacket. Save time and money on security wiring by running one spool of access control composite cable.

Avoid the troubles of pulling multiple runs of security alarm cable. Access control composite cable accomplishes significant cost savings, up to 31% saved on labor. Four runs of security cable under one jacket, with color coded conductors and sub components. This promotes quick and efficient installation in the field.

Benefits of Access Control Composite Cable

  • Multiple cables under one jacket, one run of cable, multiple applications
  • Individual cables are color coded by application for easy identification
  • Up to 31% savings in labor cost
  • Rip cord under each jacket for easy separation

Primus Cable offers access control composite cable in both riser and plenum jackets to suit the nature of the application. These are sold on wooden spools of either 1,000 foot or 500 foot quantities. Each component cable is made up of stranded bare copper conductors. Gauge sizes for our access control composite cable are 18AWG or 22AWG. They have one shielded component with six 22AWG conductors inside.

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